Re-assessing on a Road Trip

13 September 2011

I should have probably told you that I was going away for a long weekend. I'm sorry. As per usual though time got away with me. So much so that I was actually packing my bag 30 minutes after my boyfriend had scheduled departure from the apartment. Haha!

So I guess now you know that's where I've been. Here in Korea it's a national holiday called Chuseok. It's kind of like their version of Thanksgiving or so I'm told. Being British I couldn't really tell you if that's right or not. What I can tell you is I got a five day weekend! AHHHH-MAZING!!

So Steve and I ventured out for a road trip to the East coast of Korea.

Traffic is notoriously bad here on holidays so he made me wake up at some unearthly hour but apart from that the whole trip was so much fun.

Here is us on the road with all the 'notoriously' bad traffic.

Terrible isn't it!! Cars back to back for miles, absolute gridlock!

Had to put that photo on because he told me that was his 'pirate pose'. I love it, he's a goof. But so am I in all honesty so it's all good. Not too sure he'll love it being on here though so I guess this is my revenge for the stupid, pointless early wake up! Hehe. We got to the hotel, a 3 hour drive away, before I'm usually even stirring on a non-work day.

The obligatory hotel bathroom shot. Rara skirt - Uniqlo. Butterfly racer back vest - H&M.
Waterfall cream cardigan - Forever 21. White enamel watch - DKNY. Coral Necklace - Forever 21.

On our trip we did a tonne of stuff. I love driving and seeing what we come across. We happened to come to a pretty temple called Naksan Temple. It's on the edge of the sea, it was so serene and peaceful.

We also visited the border with North Korea. It was kind of an eerie experience. So strange to think that I live in a country still technically at war with it's only neighbor. We never really hear that much of the on-going disputes between the two countries but visiting the border area really made me think about it more.
At the DMZ looking towards North Korea.
The coast line was so beautiful but sadly you can't actually go on the vast majority of the beaches. They're lined with barbed wire and apparently studded with landmines to try and deter North Korean landings.

Just over ten years ago the government here opened a few though so we made the most of the ones we could.

Beach rules...exposing too much flesh?? Don't feed the soldiers?! They're not animals in the zoo, Korea!

I would have had lots and lots of absolutely totally drop dead gorgeous photos of myself to show you had I have a). taken some decent clothes b). worn a bit more make-up c). Not have been standing in a wind tunnel for the duration of my trip.

To be honest though I hadn't gone with the intention of doing blog stuff but then it got me to thinking why I have to 'do' blog stuff?

I think as a result of reading so many 'perfect' peoples' blogs I feel like I should be doing the same. But the reality is that's not really me. Sure I can dress really nice, put on a perfect face of make-up and pose like the best of them. What girl can't though (albeit secretly perhaps?)! But I have come to realise that rather than trying to emulate these blogs I read I'm just going to do my own thing. Post the pics I like and about things I like, pretty or not. Write the things I want and see where it takes me, no pressure. I started blogging as an enjoyable hobby and I want it to stay that way so that I keep doing it.

So I hope you'll keep reading still and please let me know what you like and don't. All comments and constructive criticism welcome...I think...eeeek! :)


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  1. looks like such a fun day! hope you guys had a great time


  2. it was great fun, thanks for reading and commenting :)

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