Behind The Times - Ombre Yey or Nay?

6 April 2012

I need your help! I am about a year late on this one but....with what feels like the constant annoyance of my roots, I've been thinking of a change - possibly a slight ombre?! This softer ombre is technically Balayage, a technique where they paint the colour on to your hair. Ombre and balayage hair is a trend that's been everywhere for quite some time now but it doesn't seem to have gone away just yet either. 

Whilst I'm not really a fan of the very strong ombre effect I have started to consider maybe a slight blond ombre hair-do is the answer to my root woes?! I seriously feel I barely get two weeks out of my solid blonde look before I'm back to having a dark line down the middle of my head. We've all spotted it in my photos I'm sure (No, I don't already have ombre hair, at least not the intentional kind!). I hate it.

Part of my brain thinks getting my hair ombred (is that the term? not sure...) is the lazy way out and the other part totally accepts that it is and in-fact loves the idea for that very reason. I'm envisaging that 'I just spent a month on the beach' kind of look. Here's a few inspiration shots of the kind of ombre I'm considering...

Whitney Port & Kaley Cuoco - Beautiful Blond Ombre

Slightly darker ombre - AnnaLynn McCord & Bar Rafaeli
...and some mere mortals rocking the look. Nice to know you don't have to be a celeb for it to look good!

So, here's the thing, I have an appointment for a cut and colour tomorrow morning!

Now...if I was a normal person I could just go there, ask the colourist to give it a shot, see what I thought for a few weeks and then get it changed back if I didn't like it. 

Saaaaaadly, that plan just DOES NOT fly with me!

You see, I have a slight phobia of having my hair done. I wrote a post a while back, 'Getting To The Root Of The Problem' about my anxiety over having my hair done and where it stems from. So considering a new colour/style is a massive decision for me! I'm quite concerned that it could end up too dark and a bit grungy for my style or I might feel it looks unkempt? I simply just way too late to get on this bandwagon??

So, I'm turning to you ladies and hoping you'll help me decided by giving me some advice....

What do you think of the Ombre/Balayage look?

Have you tried it and if so, what are your thoughts, do you like it? Any tips?

Most importantly, do you think I should try it or not?



  1. You should definetely try it! Bar Raffaeli looks great with this look!
    Please visit my blog! Maybe we can follow each other?

  2. bar is so beautiful. i like this look. pretty for summer.

  3. I had ombre but it was way to drastic so I went back to all brown. Now it's faded and it's ombré-ish and much cuter! I say go for it just a little at a time! :) good luck

  4. Thanks sooo much! Your blog is really beautiful! Following you now! :-)

  5. DO IT DO IT DO IT!! I have ombre and it's very natural looking. There are great ways to do it and you will love it!

  6. I think the more subtle ombre look is a great way for blondes to get away with roots. I have dark brown hair and got highlights for the first time ever on tuesday and i am thinking i will go for more of the ombre look next time, it looks so pretty with waves- very beachy summer chick.

  7. Do it! I think it will look great and jealous of u ifvu get it done I too am stuck in a hair rut but scared of change, hither look at it this way, u cacn always some highlights if u really dont like it, but I think u will! X x

  8. Do it ! I think it is absolutelly stunning ! I would like to try it once, but I have dark hair and it is a hard way from dark to blond or lighter hair !
    With waves it is such amazing ! Don´t thnink about it - do it ! :)

  9. Go for it! The first person I think of when I think ombre, is Sarah Jessica Parker, and she's a classy beautiful woman, right?? You'll look amazing x x

  10. Do it! I think it would look sooo nice over the summer! x

  11. I totally agree! I think it would look beautiful on you and would be great in terms of less upkeep! Good luck! Post some pictures :)
    Lizzie xx

  12. I'm a pain in the butt when I go to the hairdressers, I can never decided what I want.... Xxx

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  14. Do it!!! I'm trying to go for the beach look but my hair is too short so at present I just have roots that are really bad. My mam claims it looks natural but it doesn't hahah.

    Next time I go to get roots done (around the 20th of april)) im gonna get some brown put through it to make it look a bit ombreyed.


  15. I really love this look - it's natural, casual and looks great@


  16. you should def. try it. i love the ombre effect!
    it looks like holidays at the beach.
    i haven't the ombre look but maybe i'll do it too.
    kisses to you
    happy easter
    maren anita

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  17. I still love the ombre, can't lie. I tend to prefer the softer look of balayage though. I haven't had it done on my hair yet, but I'm planning on it :)

    1. I had a go a few weeks ago and it didn't quite go to plan mainly because I did it myself and it looked so good to start with that I repeat just that one too many times.
      I think you should go for it though if you are tempted. It always seems to look less contrived on blondes and more sunkissed.
      Can't wait to see your updated hair whatever you decide :)

  18. I think ombre/balayage is right on-trend and is not going anywhere! If it is soft enough, like in these photos, I think it is more pretty than edgy and can be acceptable anywhere from the office to parties!
    Despite your fear--which is so understandable--I think you should try it :)

  19. I really like the Bayalage look. I think you should go for it if you can find a stylist that is trained to do it. I really want to try it but I think I'm going to have to take a trip to NYC to have it done. It's hard to find someone who has the proper training or that even knows about it (yes, I live in a small town!).

  20. I love it! I think its so pretty and chic!


  21. So many nice hairstyles! Your blog is amazing, I will off course follow! :)

    Happy Easter! :)
    X Camilla

  22. Most definitely go for it! I love the whitney port look for sure. It just looks so laid back and natural, perfect look for summer!
    xo Jac

  23. I love this look, especially for summer! Go for it. You can always dye it back!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  24. I'm getting mine done next Saturday, I'm so exciteeeed! Slightly nervous as my hair is black haha but the test strands came out a warm brown colour :) you should give it a go - if you hate it you can always colour back over it or chop the ends off... xx

  25. to my mind ombre is perfect :) very nice color

  26. i love the blonde hairs!!! i'll wait you on my blog, there's a new post
    i follow you, i like your blog.
    have you a nice evening <3

  27. I love this trend!You should try it:)Why not?I think you can support it:)Much love

  28. love it! your hair's amazing! you lok super cute!

    kisses, have a nice weekend and a sweet Easter

  29. Thank you to everyone who commented with advice! I decided to got for it. Sort of. I asked for a soft ombre look (as in not really dark brown to really blond) but I think it's possibly too soft now! I'm not sure though! I'm going to style it and then try to make my mind up about it. I'll write a post about it fairly soon though to show you how it looks! :)

    Thanks again for all your input, I really appreciate your help!


  30. Yay, so happy to read you're going for it, I love love LOVE Whitney Ports hair in the picture above, I have light mousey brown hair and have had it dyed every 6 weeks dark brown for years and years until last Summer when I got so fed up with light roots!! So I have been growing out my colour and I don't want to touch my roots as I am enjoying my natural colour but I feel so boring!!! I really want to go for an ombre look too but mine would be opposite to yours, haha xx good luck xx I could be next.....


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