12 December 2012

The first snow arrived just in time for the weekend. I know I'm supposed to be growing up but something about seeing that first flurry in the air gets me so excited. It actually snowed quite heavily and provided the perfect conditions for a little sledging. I didn't really care that the only other people I saw with a sledge were under four feet tall and being chaperoned by their mom and dad. I say, you're never too old to have fun!

One of the nicest things about living in Korea is that I no longer have to fear the 'rapid melt' like I did growing up in England. It's so cold that even a week on, the snow is still laying thick over everything. We have more forecasted on Friday and if the sun is shining again by Saturday morning you know where I'll be!

Hope everyone's having a great week! Less than two weeks until Christmas, eeek!!


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  1. I love the snow! It finally snowed here and I already want more. I love your scarf, you look so warm and cozy. xx. McKenna Lou

    1. cute pics !!!
      love so badly the snow but it's so rare to snow in tunisia !!!

  2. I hate sounding all uncultured but I just could not imagine snow in Korea - How wrong was I?
    Anyway snow inspires chunky knitwear and bobble hat's..I'm down with that :) x

  3. Such a nice photos :) and combination is great for days like these. :)

  4. You are never too old to go sledging!! I'm 31 and still doing it!! The snow there looks amazing. I love it when it's so white and fluffy. Not a big fan once it starts melting though! :)

  5. This looks like so much fun and so pretty with the sun out! Bet your little doggy had lots of fun too! xx

  6. You look beautiful even when you are all bundled up. Even though I have been reading your blog for a while, I had no idea you live in Korea. That's so cool. Bet it's cold there in the winter. Have fun in snow!
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  7. Oooh, looks so much fun and it hangs around!!! I think, I want some of that for my weekend off. Fingers crossed!!!

  8. you look so cosy! we were forecasted snow this week, but it never dream of being snowed in and not being able to go to work fell through! x

  9. You look so pretty! I haven't been to your blog in awhile and need to catch up now! :) its been so busy! It is so cold where I live I wish we would get some snow so everything looks pretty! haha

  10. So in love with your scarf and hat! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! So glad you found me...I'm your newest follower!

  11. The snow looks so gorgeous there!!


    Five Minute Style 

  12. I'm so jealous that you've got snow! Really loving your hat and scarf, the colours are gorgeous! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  13. I have yet to experience Korea with snow! And I love your beanie and scarf! -JessicaL

  14. I am so in love with ure matchy snood set! I've been trying to find nice ones for AGES! Please tell me its not a random korean brand?!

  15. aww your photos looks so lovely! Everywhere looks so much prettier covered in snow, I love it x

  16. Aw, I'm so jealous it's snowed where you are! All we're getting is a ridiculous amount of rain and ice. Ew. : - (

    Lovely pictures! Your hat and scarf are so cute

    Xx. Emma @

  17. Love your blog style!!!

  18. lovely! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  19. Hi Amelia,

    I'm so jealous of the snow! I wish it would snow already in NYC ]: It's basically one of the main reasons I came here from LA. I was wondering what type of shoes you would recommend for snowy weathers? The last time I lived where it snowed was 13 years ago in Korea so I'm at a complete loss.
    Thank you so much for your blog! It's so nice to come take a break from studying to read your lovely posts~

  20. Any ones post or feature about snow totally lights up my mood since I live in Delhi, India where there is no snow :( how I would love to cozy up in heavy winter clothing :)and is that your poodle? he/she is really adorable :)


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