New In // The Gold Sequin Hanger

15 September 2013

Another Sunday, another girly purchase that I just have to share with you. Much like the Pink Macbook cover I showed you last Sunday, this was one of those purchases made purely for prettiness factor...I'm not ashamed to admit it though. Just look at it! It doesn't get much prettier, in coat hanger terms at least, than this gold sequined beauty

We're in the midst of getting organised for our big move at the moment, but when we're settled in a new place I plan to find a spot to hang this, displaying my favourite dresses of the moment. For now though, I've hung this tiered lace skirt (which I picked up in the final summer sale at Zara) on it. Ordinarily I wouldn't have bought such a summery piece right as we're heading into Fall...BUT...we had literally just found out about the move to Jakarta where the weather is always h.o.t! I was desperate (and still am) to buy a few of the fall pieces that are in the shops; most of them would be wasted though since we'll only have about a month of cool weather before we go. So, I opted for this skirt instead and a sleeveless red dress, which I'm sure will both get much more wear than a cozy knit! I've hung the skirt up to serve as a pleasant little reminder to myself not to go buying anything that I can't wear in a tropical climate.

If you'd like to get yourself a hanger (good for any climate) like mine, to display your prettiest pieces on, they're available in the Etsy shop Pearls And Pastries. It's run by a girl called Lauren, who is very friendly and helpful and she also makes them in black, silver and pink. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend! :)

x x x

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  1. This is a beaut! Would be great for hanging your fav outfit of the moment on :) xx

  2. The hanger is so cute!

  3. This is so so lovely, what a gorgeous display it will make!

    Dayner x UK Fashion, Lifestyle & Jewellery blog -

  4. Omw that hanger is adorable! I am so tempted to buy one but I have nowhere I could hang it out for display. Too cute

    Lauren |

  5. It's so pretty! I love the red dress from Zara you picked up too!


    Five Minute Style 

  6. That is so girly and cute! I wish I had somewhere I could display things like this!

  7. You are so adorable, and this is quite clever. I always hang an outfit I want to wear during the week, on my door. Why not do it with a pretty hanger?! Genius!

  8. Total unashamed girliness...I love it!
    Have a wonderful week Amelia xoxo

  9. This is so pretty, and I love the baggie with the extra sequins in it (too cute!! XD)
    I am a new follower! :D

  10. That hanger is just THE CUTEST thing! So perfect for your personality :)

    Currently Coveting

  11. hi! i loveee your blog and im also a foreigner living in korea :) i was wondering if you can do a post on your favorite websites that do international shipping? (for beauty & fashion items)


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