Korea // The Final Chapter

20 November 2013

Hello! I bet you were beginning to wonder if I was ever coming back, right?!

Well, I am, I've just been so much busier than I could have imagined. Guess I should known moving country would take a bit of work. Anyway, we've made it and so far we're absolutely loving it here. We've spent the first 10 days basically getting our new place organised.  To my absolute delight they have Zara home here. Needless to say, I lost control and my apartment now looks somewhat like an ad for them. Whoops!

Anyway, other than my new home I have lots more to fill you in on, but for the sake of leaving no big gaps I'm going to show you some pictures from my last few days in Korea. All were snapped in a hurry on my iPhone so please excuse the not so great quality!

Packing away the pretty things...
..with the help of this little lamb.

A little last minute shopping for important things,  like nail polish...
..and macarons.

{Packing break}
Enjoying our last fall in Korea...
...and the first toffee nut latte of the year.
Cozying up in plaid and rain boots on a drizzly day...
..and taking a last walk in the park by our place the next.
Saying goodbye to the bike of my dreams...
..and the apartment that became 'home'.

Korea was good to us, we had a great life there and we feel lucky to have spent so long getting to know the country and people. It's a great place; we loved the buzzing city-life of Seoul, the fascinating culture, the gorgeous countryside, the beautiful distinct seasons (all with the brightest blue skies), the food and the shopping, okay, that one was mainly me, especially the beauty products! For us, it will always remain a massive part of our lives and I'm sure in a few years we'll be back there paying a visit to all our favourite spots. But for now it's farewell Korea and hello to the next chapter - Indonesia! 


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  1. aww such a bittersweet post. You are very lucky to be able to see different countries and experience their culture but at the same time I can see how that could also be difficult. Glad you're loving it so far though can't wait to see your future posts!

  2. Wow what an adventure you have been on! I'm so interested in Asia I'm hoping my parents get a posting somewhere out there so I can make a visit for all of those lovely things that you mentioned. I can't wait to see pictures of your new home, you have impeccable taste so it's going to be wonderful

    Nina from little nomad

  3. Hi Amelia, I've been following your blog and reading all your posts with Korea in the background, and now I can't believe that you are moving to my country! Will you be living in Jakarta?


  4. I'm glad you made it safely to your new destination! How wonderful that you will have lived in so many different places!

    Five Minute Style 

  5. Good luck with life in a new country! I am so envious that you've had the opportunity to live in different cities around the world. I had my first toffee nut latte last week and now officially feel like its winter! x

  6. Aaaah it must have been so hard to say goodbye to all the things you loved about Korea. Can't wait to see what Indonesia has in store for you.
    Happy Thursday Amelia xoxo

  7. Lovely pictures... the view from your apartment is gorgeous! And you've really put me in the mood for macaroons... wish I could find somewhere around Belfast that did them.
    Anyway good luck in Indonesia :)

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Wow, how exciting! Wishing you both all the best in your new home xx

  9. That latte looks so delishh! Oh and can we talk about that nail polish display? Amazing! Best of luck with your transition and move!

  10. Hey there!! I am happy that you are enjoying Jakarta! OMGosh I still owe you my list of recommended places. Do you still need it now that you have Zara Home? I remember arriving in Indonesia and just being so shocked at having Versace Home and Kenzo Home. It was just so insane to me that there are people so rich that they would need a Versace sofa =P


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