Creating The Perfect Summer Wardrobe

20 May 2014

Even though I've recently moved to a tropical country I still get excited at the mention of summer. It makes me think of days at the beach, garden parties (Pimms!) and of course summer style. For me, in an ideal fashion-world, summer style should be easy, breezy and fun but also classic and chic. Of course, the stores are often filled with loud, bright prints and I'll admit in past years I've made the mistake of buying those kind of on-trend pieces, only to be left wondering one year later, "what was I thinking??". So, this year I'm looking to add some versatile staple pieces (and just a couple of little nods to the current trends) so that next year, and hopefully for years after that, I'll still be able to incorporate them into outfits.

1 / This pair of Miss KG sandals will work with so many outfits. The cream is a light but neutral colour, easy to pair with just about anything. The metallic gold embellishment adds just a touch of glamour and will look great against a tan.

2 / Okay, so this isn't technically fashion, but what you wear on your face in summer is just as important, if not more! The new foundation primer from Laura Mercier has SPF 30 so that it protects your skin whilst giving you a radiant summer glow. I will be trying it out asap.

3 / Just about everyone will agree, a breton stripe is one of the simplest but most chic and timeless patterns that ever was. Given that fact, a Breton striped t-shirt should be in everyone's summer wardrobe. I have two breton striped tops which I have worn to death in previous summers, so this year I'm looking to add at least one new option.

4 / I am yet to find a great pair of denim cut-offs, but find a pair I will. Since these are sure to be a feature in my wardrobe for several years I am on the search for a great quality pair, with an AH-mazing cut, hopefully similar to these Citizen of Humanity ones!

5 / One item that I have always splurged on when it comes to summer is a great bikini. Like underwear, high quality bikini's flatter the figure so much more than cheap alternatives. Seafolly is my favourite brand, they offer a wide range of styles and since they solely make swimwear, right out of Sydney (home to more than twenty incredible beaches), they know what they're doing! Not to mention how well they last; I bought my first Seafolly bikini in 2007 and it's still one of my favourites! This floral print bikini in a bright colour will always be summer appropriate.

6 / It's not really summer without a great pair of shades. These Kate Spade sunnies are on my wishlist, I think the white makes a nice change from the usual black or brown frames without being too much of a 'trend' piece.

7 / A straw tote can be used as a beach bag or worn with a gorgeous maxi dress for a coffee date with friends. The colour goes with anything and it's a timeless piece that can be used summer after summer. Must have. I'm not sure how I don't have!

8 / A high quality summer cardigan comes in handy on cooler summer days or to pop on over a dress when it gets chilly at evening barbecue parties. This particular dusty pink cardigan from REPEAT is exactly what I'd like to add to my wardrobe. The feather-light weave of the cashmere will provide just enough warmth for summer evenings but still with all the luxurious softness of cashmere.

9 / I always think the easiest way to add a bit of fashion forwardness to any outfit is with your nails. Nail polish can complete a look and it's an easy way to wear particular trends without having to splash out on clothing you won't wear next season. Essie's summer collection has several bright neon colours but I will be buying this cornflower blue 'Chills & Thrills' ASAP - it's gorgeous and one of the few shades I don't already have. Yes, I've got a problem!

10 / I saw this skirt on Stacey's blog Five Minute Style and literally fell in love. Okay, so a midi skirt is a bit of a trend piece....but in a neutral shade like this, there's at least a chance it'll be wearable in years to come. Even if it isn't, it's from H&M, making it quite affordable and a worthy purchase.... At least, that's the fashion logic I'll be applying when I find it in store.

What do you think the key pieces in a summer wardrobe are? What's top of your summer shopping list this year?


  1. Beautiful pieces! The breton top and the straw bag are lovely, and that skirt - stunning!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. Aren't they. I just wish I could go out and buy it all today :) x

  2. so great! would love for you to stop by my blog! hope you'll follow! :)

  3. Seeing this post makes me dread the upcoming winter season, I want everything in this post.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  4. Thank you for the mention!! I'm so in love with that skirt haha! My favourite summer pieces that I already have are my straw market tote and my panama hat I picked up last year! This year I really want to find some great shorts and a beach cover up (since I am hopefully going on holiday)and I would love a pit of blue mirrored Ray-bans!

    Five Minute Style 

    1. No problem lovely. The skirt looks gorgeous on you. I'm not having much luck finding it for myself though yet :(

      I have a pair of blue/green mirrored aviators, I love them but for some reason I hardly wear them. I need to start doing for sure!


  5. Pretty picks! I'm loving midi skirts this season, and the one you featured is gorgeous!

    1. Thank lovely, me too, they're just so lady-like :) x

  6. Great choices! Check out my new post;)

  7. I love the print on that bikini! It's pretty yet still fun!

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Yep, me too. I think the slighty neon yellow/lime colour with the purple/blue flowers looks really nice too. x

  8. That skirt is absolutely beautiful! Being 4ft11 I always try and stay away from midi skirts as I don't think they suit me, but that one I am willing to try!!!!
    Gorgeous post! xx

  9. Love the sea folly bikinis! The skirt is gorgeous too xx



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