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15 August 2014

Jakarta Apartment Blog Blogger
Fresh lilies on my dining table. And the smell of them when you walk into the room.
Expat Blogger Apartment
Finally getting started on painting our bedroom. The makeover is now in progress.
Swatch Essie Haute As Hello
Summer nail colors, especially this one - Essie Haute As Hello.
Home style Expat Blogger
All white coffee table.

It's been a while since my last Making Me Smile post, hasn't it?! I thought it was about time I pop one in, especially since they're actually one of my favourite posts to do. I have so many little things that aren't necessarily worthy of an entire post to themselves, but should be shared all the same. 

I've been terrible with keeping up to my blog lately, I'm the kind of person who hates routine, but struggles without one. Since moving to Jakarta my life has felt a little bit disorganised. I'm certainly a person who has to get into a flow with something, once I'm on a roll, I'm good, I'm going, but the act of actually getting going is easier said than done. With moving apartment again earlier this year, a long visit from my mum, several mini-breaks (not complaining about those!!) and a capricious social calendar, I've never really formulated a new routine here. 

Gradually, over the last few months, my to-do list has been growing longer and longer, unfortunately once that happens I have a tendancy to avoid it altogether and just bury my head in the sand. Not exactly the greatest plan of attack, huh?! So this week, thanks to the hubs, who is a billion times more 'on it' and organised than me, I've made a good dent on the list and going forward the aim is to get into more of a routine. Here's hoping!

Do you enjoy having a routine to stick to? How do you make sure you get through your to-do list and stay on top of tasks? Any tips would be more than welcome ;)


  1. Gorgeous nail colour.
    I do like to keep a routine, although it's nice to take a break and relax a bit xx


  2. I love this post! It's always nice to stop and enjoy the little things. I love your color scheme! The coffee table is beautiful. I am bad at keeping a routine as well, but people usually say list making is the way to go. I'm going to start making list and crossing things off. Hopefully that will help!

    -- Ciara

  3. Yeah I love having routines as well. It just settles my mind!
    [Your coffee table is stunning!]

  4. Loving that Essie colour its stunning x

  5. Just found your blog, it's fab! Been reading back, great style tips and ideas, and your little dog is adorable :-)

  6. Love your pictures - such a pretty nail polish.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hope you enjoy my questions & keep blogging :) x

  7. 2 months didn't post anything><" miss your post!!!

  8. I think we are opposites - I am so driven by my routine, and I really hate to deviate from it, it makes me feel very off kilter somehow. Of course this means I have trouble being spontaneous and need a little push in that direction sometimes :) Your place looks absolutely lovely! I especially love the decorations on your coffee table.

  9. Love the nail colour. I don't really have a routine with my blog - I just do it when I can although I do find that sometimes it gets pushed a bit to the backburner! x

  10. that essie polish is the most gorge colour! your photos are perfect :)

    I've got a MAC lipstick giveaway over on my blog if you want to check it out

  11. Love the photos it's gorgeous!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  12. Gosh your dining room looks amazing! Love the chandelier :)

    Missing your posts big-time Amelia!! Looking forward to more. Hope you're well :)

    Love from Australia.
    XO, Pauline

  13. Lovely pics as always, i am kind of your photos secret admire XD
    it's been a while to visit your blog then you are moving to Indonesia?
    hows the life in there? I've been loved your pics and comments of life in Korea as a foreigner.
    anyways, hope you enjoy in Indonesia! xx tina


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