All sorts of side-tracking.

15 August 2011

So this weekend I was intending to write at least one post maybe two but I failed. Well and truly failed in fact because I wrote the grand total of zero posts for this blog. In the post I wrote earlier this evening I mentioned I was side-tracked and I said I would explain how that happened. I'm mainly blaming this.....

Chambord <3 <3 <3 Black Raspberry Liquor
Since I'm living in Korea it can be really difficult to find some of the luxuries I love from home. Chambord is one of these luxuries. It's a liquor made from black raspberry and it is quite honestly AMAZING! I can't explain the taste except for saying it's sweet without being sickly and makes every cocktail you mix it into taste incredible. Haha! I found it in Korea and I'm very excited about this :) 

I also spent a large portion of my weekend painting my nails. I did them three times. Yes, I have a problem.

First I did this - 'Cracked' hot pink nail polish over baby blue.
I like the effect of cracked nail polish when I see it on other people but when I try to wear it I never feel it matches my style. This one looks particularly messy because I rushed it before going out for the night on Friday. It got replaced by the rose coloured metallic polish (mainly because it's easy to apply quickly and still looks faultless) I wrote about a few posts back..

On Saturday I went out with my boyfriend for a browse at the shops. I decided to go casually in a new oversized t-shirt I picked up from H&M.  I teamed it with blue leggings (just too comfy to ever stop wearing). For a touch of the girly sparkle I love I added a silver Swarovski paved crystal heart necklace and a Links of London 'Sweetie' Bracelet. The pink watch is a Chanel Mademoiselle watch (gift from the b/f) with the patent pink quilted design strap. I don't get to wear it as much as I'd like to though because being pink it doesn't match everything :( 

It was raining so I got to wear my lovely Hunter rain boots. They're 'duck egg' blue in tall gloss and I love them. Can you tell from the picture? Hehe!

In the evening my boyfriend and I went out for a rather late dinner to one of my favourite restaurants here. It's called Queen's Park and has a lot of British inspirations in the menu, which is partly why I love it. It's really pretty and the food's delicious which is the other part of why I love it.

We then continued the fun by inventing our own cocktails (including the Chambord of course!) at home after.
Then, with not a lot else to do on Sunday, I figured 'hey...why not paint my nails again?!' Yes I think it's a serious problem.
Third time, I did this! - graduated silver glitter french tips.

Pretty though, aren't they?!

That's all folks. Goodnight from me.



  1. very pretty nail art :)
    Follow Back Please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  2. Love this look which glitter polish did you use? 1

  3. love the third look! it looks so glam, but understated enough for every day wear!

  4. Love the third look! So glam, but understated enough for daily wear!


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