A Ring Thing.

17 September 2011

Lately I've been gravitating towards rings. Previously I never even bothered to look at rings, this was for a couple of reasons.

Firstly because my boyfriend said his ex-girlfriend used to wear really tacky ones and that rings remind him of her. Clearly reminding him of her just wasn't something I wanted to be doing.

Second reason is because I've always felt I have odd hands.

No doubt the later is just in my crazy paranoid brain and since I've now reached the awesome I-don't-actually-care-about-you're-ex-girlfriend-anymore phase I seem to have started taking an interest in rings.

Recently I went shopping and picked up four new ones. My favourite of them is a gold and black leopard.

My new favourite accessories to buy - rings. Bracelet - Swarovski.


He looks pretty damn cool even if I do say so myself. What's even cooler is he only cost me about $5 from Forever 21! They have a lot of very awesome rings in right now. I had to stop myself from buying about ten that I wanted. In the end I wittled it down to just three :'(

Domed Jewel Ring - Forever 21

Love Ring - Forever 21.
No doubt I'll just end up buying the others when I'm next there though. I really can't help myself when they're so cheap.

I picked up the fourth at H&M.

Black and Silver Chunky Ring - H&M

It was also a bargain. Let's face it though, you don't have to spend a fortune on accessories when you can buy ones that look great at shops like these.

I recommend you save your money for gorgeous real leather handbags instead. Pleather and P.V.C handbags at these kind of shops are sadly not such a great buy or look!

Please follow me. I'll be posting about color blocking tomorrow!

Ta ra for now xxx
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  1. Love your Rings, the one I like the best is the first one. x


  2. wow these rings are all gorgeous, they really suit you! i really want to invest in some more interesting rings :) i love eyecatching jewellery!
    <3 Holz oxo


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