I Wore: All Ruffled Up

26 October 2011

I guess I was feeling the ruffles. Ruffled coat. Ruffled scarf. Ruffles on my hairband. I just got this coat a week or two ago on my H&M jaunt. I got the scarf there too, it's a ruched light and floaty material. It's surprisingly warm too, must be all the high quality polyester.

I went into a bit of a shopping frenzy in H&M. Basically it's one of the few shops that I like in Korea that caters to my size, fashionably. There was two branches about a 30 minute cab ride across town from my place. Then...they opened one within walking distance from my apartment. Yep, walking distance. So, in short, I was overcome by excitement and this is still not the last of the new things you'll be seeing from that shopping trip. In fact, I don't know how I'm going to avoid shopping there all the time now. Might as well change my blog name now. Ugly (H&M) Duckling. Has it got the same ring to it? 

Ruffles <3
Wanted to show you the cute ruffle on the back even though I look like a chipmunk here. Could  be because of this....
...Fairtrade 'Divine' white chocolate, literally. Should eat lots less of this. Hard to.
So how was hump day for you? Such an ugly expression don't you think? Suppose it's an ugly day though so maybe that was what they were going for.

I knew it wasn't going to be a good day for me when I hit snooze on my alarm only to realize I'd already set it to go off late in my dry eyed sleepy state - it was 1.55am when I finally went to bed. Do. Not. Know why I do it to myself! No extra lie-in. Boo. I proceeded to move like a snail getting ready. Left my house at the time I was supposed to be at work. Model employee right here.

Continued moving like a snail for the rest of the day. Good job Amelia!



  1. i like the ruffles. i wish i could pull that off"


  2. Amelia I love your blog! Now I am one of your follower!
    Thanks for visiting mine and follow! xoxo


  3. I fell in love with that coat the minute I saw it at H&M earlier this month. But I couldn't get it because of my shopping ban. I hope they still have it next month.
    Looking great! Love all the ruffles :)

  4. i love ruffle coats, so feminine and cute!

    as for myself i will be having sushi at my favorite place for diner ;-)

  5. nice post!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!!!


  6. wow you're so gorgeous! i love your outfit! fabulous blog!

  7. @Nana How come you don't think you could pull it off? I'm sure you could!

    @Lilly Shopping bans are not something I could ever do. Must take a lot of willpower. I'd probably give in or shop like crazy when it was over! It is a really nice coat, I hope you manage to get it!

    @CottonCandyINK Sushi is one of my favorite dinners. Sounds yummy, much healthier than chocolate too!

    Thanks to everyone who has followed me, I really appreciate you commenting too! :)

    Have a nice day! xxx

  8. You are tooooo cute! I love that jacket. Thank you so much for being my 100th follower!!!! Can't wait to see more of your posts, love your blog!

  9. You are very beautiful,I love your coat!!!!!




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