Care Bears and O.P.I Shorts Story Nails.

25 October 2011

When I tell people I'm living in Korea (you knew that right?!) they tend to think of the Korean War and a lot of people assume that it's not very developed here. They usually ask if I can get (insert rather basic everyday item) here. At which point I tell them I'm only living on the other side of the world not an entirely different planet. Think of Tokyo, it's the most similar (well known) city to Seoul I think.

The major brands are all here so I can get most of the stuff I could back in England. There are however some exceptions. One of these is O.P.I nail polishes. In England I'd become a tincy bit of an O.P.I addict. It's not cheap but it also doesn't streak when you apply it (annoying), chip within the first day of wearing it (very annoying) and the bottle doesn't go all sticky after a month or two (very very annoying). 

I looked around Seoul for it but couldn't find it. I bought a couple of colors online but I much prefer to see them in a store. I love to look at the rows of polish and consider, for way too long, all the varying shades of each color, you know?!

They say when you stop looking for something you find it. Well I guess it must be true because I finally found it! Rows and rows of it. Yey! I purchased a fab hot pink called 'Shorts Story' and a bottle of top coat.

Expect more O.P.I swatches in the future!

Another good thing getting me through Tuesday - The Care Bears! I forgot I bought this earlier this year. It was hiding in my wardrobe.

Ironically  Oh well, I like it, you know I'm a big kid. It helps the nostalgia, a lot like the cupcakes. I'm starting to think I have issues with growing I need to see someone?!!

Somewhere I have a My Little Pony Tee...hmmmm...

I hope you have a great day! Remember, stop looking for that something and maybe you'll find it!



  1. I love, love the nail polish color - I'm going to go search for it now, Short Story, such the perfect pink.

    And care bears - I loved them when I was younger!

    Love your bio - and must be interesting living in S Korea!

  2. Love the color!

  3. I so happy for you that you find it!!!And i'm sure that Korea is amazing...and you are very lucky that you live in a diferrent place;)I will remember your advice:):)

  4. im such a sucker for OPI nail polish and really really love this color!

  5. I love the care bears! I'm sure this is over share, but for some reason, it has always stuck with me, my first pair of "big girl" underwear were care bears. :) Held a special place in my heart ever since. haha

    heather from

  6. That OPI colour is beautiful. Love the care bears, I used to have one of the teddies, the shooting star one . . ! Awh, nice to get nostalgic sometimes and you've got the rest of your life to grow up (or not!);)
    Really envy you living in Korea. It always sounds like you're happy.

  7. Korea is fab but I do miss home too. There's good and bad about wherever you live I guess.

    OPI has waaaay too many colors I think are pretty. It's going to cost me a small fortune!

    Thanks for the comments everyone <3


  8. i love OPI. I recently bought one of their autumn colours :) am following u babe


  9. You have very nice nails ! I am a bit jealous of them (:

    The colour is amazing.

    Much love
    Aimee (:


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