Knit Necessity.

29 October 2011

Around this time of year I like to take every chance to cozy up in a chunky knit. I have plenty of non-knitted warm clothes but after a sweltering summer it's nice to fully indulge in Autumns true arrival. For me that means knitwear. Today I slung on a cream knitted cardigan for a comfy trip out to the shops.

Cardigan - F21. Floral top - H&M. Handbag - B.D.Y. 
Hairband - Rosabella. Bracelet - Vintage from Monet.

I went on a very different kind of Saturday shopping trip, I decided it was time to pick up a better camera. I've been wanting a good DSLR for a really long time but hadn't bought one because, quite honestly, more beautiful things had taken (yes, they took it from me, I had no choice) my money. Now I'm blogging I thought it was time to make the commitment. I got a Nikon D5100. It's only a mid level Nikon but it still cost me more than my usual Saturday shopping trips ever do! I'm trying to look at it as an investment though rather than what keeps crossing my mind; it's a big black object that's a lot less pretty but just about as expensive as the Miu Miu handbag I've been dying to get but still haven't.

When I got home I spoke to one of my best friends from home who is heading out for her birthday celebrations tonight and of course for Halloween. If I was in England now I'd carve a pumpkin (which they don't even sell in the shops here, can you believe?!) and after I'd get dressed up for cocktails and dancing tonight. Instead I'm off to bake some oatmeal and raisin cookies,they never fail to cheer me up. Not sure what I'll be doing tonight.

I hope you all have a fun {and safe} Halloween night out whatever you choose to do! xxx


  1. love your blog, your outfits are....awesome!!
    I have a fashion blog too,I would be very happy if you became my followers, and i would become your followers too... let me know:) xx

  2. I've being umming and ahhing about a dslr for the last year or so but keep changing mind at the last minute. I will invest soon though. Can't wait to see the photos you take with your new one. Oh and love the splash of colour your bag creates in these pics. :)

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by to see me :) So fab that you've got a new camera. Love the pink bag too xoxo

  4. how exciting, i love shopping!
    that purse looks great with the floral print top!

  5. love your blog!!!hello from norway)

  6. That sweater is seriously from F21?! Recently?! Please say it was recently... :/

    LOVING this outfit!

  7. Beautiful knit! Looking good xx

  8. That purse is very cute yay for shopping =)

  9. love the color of the bag! u look lovely xx

  10. Your outfits are very nice! and I agree with you about the chunky knits they are pretty awesome!

    looks like I will be a regular visitor to your blog!

    Much Love
    Aimee x

  11. Thanks for stopping by and leaving lovely comments ladies!

    I do love this knit and the bright color of the purse, so I'm glad you guys agree!

    @Gentri ~ The sweater is sadly not in the stores now, I'm sorry! But if it makes you feel better I did see something quite similar in there this weekend, same length, color and a cable knit design on it.

    @ Essjay23x I'd definitely recommend getting a new camera. I took some shots with mine this weekend (will be putting them up soon) and I'm really glad I made the investment now!


  12. I LOVE the colour of your bag! SOOO pretty. Especially with the cream cardigan... Nice combo!

    Aww, that's so sad that Halloween isn't celebrated everywhere, lol. I spent Halloween in England in 2008 and loved it! I even carved a pumpkin ;)

  13. I love the detailing on this cardi and your hair accessory is gorgeous! XXX

  14. Dying over your handbag!!!!!!
    Love the colour!

    Fashion Translated

  15. knitted cardigans totally scream fall, and i love yours! it looks so stylish and comfy! :D

    <3, Mimi

  16. Oh amazing bag! Love that color*

  17. I really want a DSLR - My boy is a professional photographer and it just makes me so jealous - Though obviously I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, I still wanna play and take my own blog pictures instead of pestering him, haha!!

    Love the bag btw, wheres it from?! I saw you abbreviated, or is that the actual place? I've no idea, but I want!! haha xx

  18. Ooooooooookey... this magenta bag did it! I'm following you via bloglovin now, girl! I love your style! Part white gal, part oriental, hahaha!
    Please swing by to my blog again soon, and if you like it, please follow! No no no I'm not follow me n i'll follow u type, follow me if you like what I posted, ok. *cross my finger*

    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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