Big Bows, Birthdays & Balloons.

22 November 2011

Imagine if your birthday granted you a free day off work, how incredible would that be?!
Hard luck, it doesn't! So instead I had to go to work. My day was made much more enjoyable though by my gorgeous work friends. They surprised me with a latte and cinnamon roll complete with candles (they know I never get round to breakfast in the morning) as well as gifts! It was so thoughtful and cute of them!
After work was out of the way my boyfriend had made reservations for dinner. People in Seoul tend to dress a lot more casually when you'd expect them to be smart. So although this restaurant is a fine dining experience, the dress code isn't. I'm often overdressed. This time I put together a cute smart casual look. Skater skirt, ruched shoulder cardigan and enough accessories to add a touch of glam, including my new bow hairband a friend gave me as a birthday gift. I got it just right this time. The restaurants on the 33rd floor so the views of the city are beautiful.

View from our table.
Oversized Bow Hairband - Accessorize. Cardigan & Necklace - H&M (currently loving it a bit too much!)
We ate a gorgeous meal and enjoyed the smooth live music. It was a perfect birthday meal (photos of the food after the jump if you care to make yourself hungry, seriously...they will!). After dinner I was keen to have a night-cap cocktail but my bf insisted he was too tired and wanted to get home. I really wanted to stay longer but appreciated what a lovely night it had been and decided not to kick up a fuss.

When we got back he suddenly dashed into the apartment and told me to wait a minute.When I went in he surprised me with flowers, birthday balloons, a few more presents (he'd already given me my presents earlier) and a birthday cake! I'd not expected anything else as he'd already done more than enough. I jumped around for a little while with excitement. Thought about how glad I was I didn't get miffed at him for wanting to go home. Then we grabbed forks and dug into the Black Forest Gateaux cake!

My surprise when we got back to our apartment! <3
It was a perfect birthday, I couldn't have asked for anything different, except not to have to work of course! Haha! I feel so thankful that I have such lovely friends and an amazing boyfriend too. They all helped make me feel a little bit better about getting another year older.

I hope I'm blessed enough to have them in my life every year to ease the pain!


PS: You can see the food we ate if you click below but I really should warn you that you'll probably have to go eat something after you look at them...or maybe I just don't have any willpower!?!!

Lobster & Mango Salad
Mushroom, truffle & Chestnut Soup
Roast Duck Breast with Pineapple
Veal Tenderloin

Dessert with a view. Perfect <3


  1. beautiful pics!!!happy birthday!!!lovely outfit!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  2. Looks absolutely delicious!!

    Really like that necklace aswell ha

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  3. wow that restaurant looks absolutely amazing, yummy food with good friends sounds like a great birthday,

    you look adorable by the way

  4. Beautiful photos, and that view of the city from the restaurant is just spectacular! And the food looks great, that was a fab birthday celebration :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  5. You looked absolutely gorgeous for your birthday! Love the bow in your hair and the scarf!! Hope you had a fab bday!

    xx, Ally

  6. Wow, that looks like an incredible night and birthday! What a amazing view from your table!! You also looked beautiful :)

  7. Wow you look so stunning! I love the bow in your hair! And that food does look good! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I started following your, would you like to follow me back?


  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome night <3

  9. Just found your blog, so glad I did! It's so cute, and your'e absolutely adorable. I love that outfit! And wow, that view is incredible! Sounds like a pretty rad birthday to me!

  10. It all looks amazing, looks like your loved ones spoilt you! Love the outfit girly and beautiful! Hope you had a lovely birthday x x

    I'd love it if you'd check out my blog at some point

  11. Beautiful food, view, and girl! What a sweet boyfriend :) Happy Birthday!

  12. Yay, sounds like an amazing birthday. I'm not sure what would excite me more, the flowers or balloons? It doesn't matter how old I get, birthday balloons are a must!!;)

  13. Everything was stunning, the outfit, the dinner, the view. And especially You! :)

    xx, Alexa

  14. beautiful pictures, i love your accessories! and happy belated birthday :) Your boyfriend is such a sweetie!

    xx maggie

  15. I love your outfit!! love your oversized cardigan!
    please check our blog, and let's follow each other if you like it! I'd love that!!

  16. awww love!!!!
    i am so happy for you
    looks like you had a blast
    the surprise coming home
    was such a cute idea!

    i am loving your outfit!

    oh and by the way i am so
    happy you joined the
    secret santa! i would really
    appreciate it if you can help
    me spread the word with letting
    your followers know about it!

    much love doll!


  17. Love love LOVE the bow headband!!!

  18. you are beautiful :)

  19. happy birthday and that sounds great! that is so neat that you're living ins seoul! i'm excited to go read through more of your blog :)

    your newest follower,

  20. I agree! Everyone should get their Birthday off work! You look adorable! Happy Birthday!

    Lindsey Turner

  21. LOVE your outfit! And must say, what a fancy place~
    Yeah it probably has to do with my height as well. I never wear these dresses without at least putting on some form of leggings or tights.

  22. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Such a great birthday this year!

    I really appreciate your comments about my post too. Glad people like the hairband too, I was thinking I might have been Koreanized a bit too much and in my head was thinking it was cute when everyone else just wouldn't get it! haha :)

    Hope you'll all stop by to say hey again soon.


  23. These pics ara amazing ! what a splendid view you got there !! And your outfit is so cute with the bow =) !! Seems like you had a great time ! Happy Bierthday to you ! (even if its past no >__<)

    xxx Vee

  24. Happy belated birthday!! you are so pretty! & what a sweet bf you have :) The restaurant looks amazing..I love the view.
    Definately following your blog now - hope you follow back! x

  25. You are so cute! I love your style... now following!


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