Five Things From This Week.

19 November 2011

Once again, we made it to the weekend. Happy Weekend folks! It wasn't such a tough week in the end. Yes, Tuesday sucked (I didn't really talk about it, here) and there was the stress of getting my hair done (that's here) of course but other than that it's all gravy baby. Yep, I did just write that.  So here's five things from my week.

OOTOD (Outfit of the other day) - More metallic jeans.

I'm a little worried I'm starting to become obsessed with the metallic trend. I bought another pair of metallic jeans, super skinny ones this time. You know the kind...where you can't even bend over they're so tight. But they were just so shiny and silver and...shiny!

Silver Metallic Skinny Jeans - H&M. Black & Silver Studded Boots - Zara. Bracelet - Vivienne Westwood. Silver Bangle - Mont Blanc. Heart Necklace - Swarovski. Other Necklaces - F21.

'Eyelash Styling Tool'
Korea has an unbelievable amount of random beauty implements which usually I have no idea what they're even for! This though, I understood and loved. It's a tool to separate your eyelashes if they get clumped together when you put on your mascara. I don't have this problem often thanks to awesome MAC mascara but occasionally a couple will decide they want to hang out. Annoying. Previously I used a small pin to separate them but thankfully now I have a much easier and safer way of doing that. Ingenious invention.

I would like want need this Yves Saint Laurent Leopard Print Belt.
Saw this when thumbing through a Korean glossy. Leopard print YSL belt, love it! Want it. Need it? Probably not but's pretty isn't it!
God damn Auto Captcha.
Dear Auto Captcha,  I. HATE. YOU. That's all. Ax

Does anyone else ever have serious problems trying to read auto captcha? This week I seem to have struggled more than ever before. I cannot tell you how many times I've got it wrong. I mean, what does that even say??

This week's MAC purchases.
I had to visit MAC to pick up a gift for a friend's birthday. And of course once in MAC, some gifts for myself. Those shop assistants see me coming, I'm sure. I needed the mascara. MAC's Zoom Lash mascara is all I ever use, it's awesome. The other two things I got tempted into buying by the pretty but persuasive shop assistant. I usually use Studio Fix Foundation but Pro Longwear turns out to be a pretty good foundation for everyday wear. The last thing is 'Pink Venus' lustre eyeshadow. I may swatch it one day but to be honest it looks awful on me, gives me a puffy eyed look. I don't know why I bought it. I was tricked. Darn her!

That's my week in pictures. I'm thinking about making this a weekly feature if you guys like it, so let me know what you think. Going out for my birthday tonight so I'm going shopping now to try find an outfit now. Wish me luck! Have a lovely weekend everyone!



  1. Who knew metallic jeans could look so awesome? and those boots...perfect<3!

  2. LOVELY POST, I too hate the word verification lol

    nice YSL and MAC products

  3. I always get those word verification things wrong. Are you supposed to leave a space? What if there's a period? Do you include that? It's too confusing.
    And MAC is the best- have you ever done their back to mac program? I love it, I get all of my lipsticks that way.
    Happy weekend!

    If Work Permits

  4. I struggle with the word verification too, argh! Must give the Zoom Lash a go, its always being on my radar. Happy weekend:)

  5. I love those ankle boots! I also find it hard reading the word verification, normally takes a few goes! x

  6. I love those ankle boots! I also find it hard reading the word verification, normally takes a few goes! x

  7. Love the metallic jeans!!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  8. So interesting week!The metallic trend looks great on you;)And the MAC cosmetics are great;)I want to buy some product for my friend who had her birthday;):)Much love

  9. I think this would be a great weekly feature! I'd like to hear how you like the Pro Long Wear in comparison to the Studio Fix (I wear Studio Fix) too. That leopard belt is soooo gorgeous, it would look great with so many outfits.

  10. hahaha i hate captcha too!
    sometimes is so hard to get
    it right!

    i am loving your ankle boots love
    the studs look good on black!

    and yea there is a Japanese
    store here in LA in my local
    mall and they have so many
    things that i am like ok
    what's this for???

    have an awesome weekend!

    __×___(`*•.¸ (`*•.¸ ¸.•*´) ¸.•*´)
    ×__..::¨`•.¸ *…۩- Melina -۩*…* ¸.•`¨::..۞

  11. Do you think that you could perhaps try and get some use out of the eye-shadow as a blusher instead?
    Nothing more disappointing then buying something totally unsuitable, especially when you were talked into it. Don't worry about it though hun, make-up karma means that you'll have a great next couple of buys, to outweigh this disappointment :oD x

  12. nice post, i wudnt mind seeing these every week =)

    xxx Vee

  13. You are totallly rocking the silver jeans, they look ah-mazing on you! Wish I could pull them off!

  14. eyelash brush is a muust!:)

  15. I am loving your metallic jeans, they look epic! xx

  16. love the MAC stuff you bought! I have Zoom Lash too =) love your blog, following you now! here's mine if you love makeup!

  17. Great blog and I follow you now via google friends connect.
    If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy ;)


  18. I really liked the style of this post, I hope you make it regular! Those jeans are so unique, I haven't really seen that style around yet. It looks amazing on you :) I also love MAC Zoom Lash! One of my all-time favorites. Also, hate hate hate autocaptcha, as you say. Fake words nobody could read, I say!

  19. @Naara, thanks so much, they are awesome aren't they!

    @CottonCandyINK, yep it's a pain. Thanks for always stopping by and giving your input, glad you like this style of post.

    @Beckaboots, I have done Back to MAC yes. It's an awesome program. Wish all cosmetic companies would do something like it.

    @Essjay23x, you'd love Zoom Lash it's really great, lengthens and volumizes really well.

    @Simple Country Girl, At least it's not just me then! Thanks for commenting, glad you like the boots.

    @AllieUK, Thanks, glad you like them! I just wish they were more comfortable.

    @Angela, I think your friend would love you so much if you bought her something from MAC! haha!:)

    @Schnelle, yeh I was thinking about doing a comparison soon. The belt would look great with so much you're right, I wish I could get it.

    @Melu103, The studs are the whole reason I love the boots.

    I can imagine the Japanese store is really similar to all the Korean ones. It doesn't help that it's written in funny characters on the packaging either!

    @BlushCrush <3 That's a great idea, I definitely will try that. Like the concept of make up karma, hope it's true! Hehe :)

    @Vee, I think I'll try do it then, glad you like it. Thanks for commenting.

    @Sophie, Thanks you. They're not so hard to pull off, you should give some a try, you never know!

    @Kaleido Mind, I'm so happy to have found this tool, totally is a must, you're right!

    @Rachel, Cold Knees, They are even more epic in real life, the photos don't quite capture the full shininess of them!

    @Makeup Majesty, Thank you so much for following me. I'll check out your blog now, I love makeup! :)

    @Minnja, Thank you for following me, of course I'll follow you back! :)

    @Sarah S, Glad you like the post and the jeans. I love them!
    Yep, autocatcha is a pain, most people seem to agree it can be impossible to decipher sometimes!

    Sorry for the super long reply. I wanted to say something to everyone but I haven't been on the computer much this weekend so I had to do it all in one!!

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and feel free to enter my new giveaway!


  20. LOVE those metallic pants! And I know what you mean about becoming obsessed with a trend...for me it's leopard print :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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