Five Things From This Week.

26 November 2011

This week I had my birthday so of course I had to show you some of my birthday gifts from friends this year. They took on a certain theme - accessories, MAC cosmetics and pink. I'm a bit concerned that people think I'm a little like Barbie. Hmmm. Having said that I do love all these things, OPI polish, MAC lip products, eyeshadow, pretty hair accessories, jewellery and a gorgeous scarf, I'm a happy girl with some lovely friends.

I'd like to have fresh flowers in my apartment all the time. Sadly I just never seem to get around to buying them. Luckily I have a person who likes to buy them for me every now and then. Fresh flowers can brighten any space and add a fresh point of interest to a room not to mention the beautiful scents.

Glitter French Manicure
I'm a big lover of brightly colored nail polishes and occasional nail art when my patience allows. Sometimes though a simple nail is nice. I love the look of a french manicure, it's so clean and sophisticated. Plus, you never have to worry about it clashing with your clothes (that bothers me so much I have to re-paint my nails before I leave my home, usually at the expense of being on time). A fine line of silver or gold glitter polish is a great twist on a french manicure. Who doesn't like a touch of sparkle?!

Christmas isn't too far away now. I saw this great idea on Melina's blog, it's a Secret Santa for bloggers. I thought it'd be great fun to take part and of course hopefully make a new friend in this little world. Take a peek by clicking on the picture if you too feel like getting in the festive spirit.

Kylie Minogue with Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Black Tote Handbag.

Seemingly I am having a bit of a thing for Yves Saint Laurent right now. I spotted this tote in the store not so long ago and then this snap of Kylie Minogue with it. Lucky girl. Not sure about her velvet jacket and those pants. What do you think? It's not something I could get away with that's for sure. But the bag...oh the bag...that I could definitely get away with. It's such a versatile bag, clean lines, smooth leather and of course it's big enough to fit all my junk in. I would like this. A lot. Santa?

That's it for this week. I hope you all have an awesome weekend.



  1. Happy birthday dear!!!
    I love everything in this post! Flowers looks amazing, hand bag is to die for and nails looks very beautiful!

    Best wishes, have a nice weekend!

  2. Your nails looks so great!
    Thanks for your lovely comment and for your tipps!!
    I hope you'll stop by again soon! :)


  3. Happy belated birthday! You have lovely friends, MAC always puts us a smile in our face :D and the scarf seems really pretty! xx

  4. Really like your nails, that is the kind of manicure I like because you can wear it with every outfit in your wardrobe!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  5. Happy (late) Birthday! Love the glitter french manicure! stunning!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  6. i love the floral arrangement

  7. Love the nails. Secret Santa is a great idea, am signing up!

  8. hey gorgeous!
    loving every single bday
    present! lol how cute that
    everything turned out to be
    pink and coral!

    thanks so much for helping
    me spread the word with the
    Secret Santa! you are amazing
    i really appreciate it !


  9. amazing shots- love the first photo!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  10. All beautiful pinky hues! perfect choices :) xxxx

  11. I love all the blush tones, and those nails are great!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  12. Happy late birthday =) and what great gifts you received.

  13. Happy belated birthday, I hope it was fabulous like you! I LOVE all your cute gifts, pink and accessories are right up my alley!

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  15. Happy Birthday :D
    The presents are lovely, and the flowers even lovelier!

  16. everything is so beautiful!

  17. Thank you ladies for the lovely comments.

    I hope you will all stop by again soon and say hey again! :)

    @ Melina, no problem. Glad you came up with the idea, happy to help.


  18. I love love the nail look :) cute blog. Im following now.

  19. Can anyone tell me what mac lipsticks are those in the pic and the blushes, love them!!!

    1. The lipstick colours are Angel and Plink :) They're eyeshadows in the small black pots, can't recall which colours they are exactly though. If you're after a soft slightly shimmery pink blush from Mac, I'd try 'Dainty', that's my favourite!


  20. Thanx. What are the names of the glosses, loving the colours!


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