I Wore: Simple Snakeskin

6 November 2011

Good Morning!

It's unusual for me to be posting on a Sunday morning, okay, I lie, early afternoon. It feels like morning to me since I rarely manage to motivate myself to post anytime before 8pm on a Sunday. I've been sick all week but finally feel like I'm almost well again. It's given me a new lease of life. I actually felt well enough to go out to dinner last night with my boyfriend; getting dressed up always helps make me feel better. Snakeskin print is a big trend of this fall. It's in a lot of the shops and I've seen a lot of celebrities wearing it. Although I'm not brave enough to do head to toe snakeskin like the celebs I picked up a cute snakeskin dress a couple of weeks ago. 

Snakeskin Print Dress - H&M
Vintage Black Clutch with Gold Chain Detail - Stuart Weitzman

Black Patent Shoe Boots - Moda In Pele
Gold Cuff Bracelet - F21. Ring - Accessorize. Gold Pendant - Vivienne Westwood.

Since the snakeskin is such a statement print I let that do the talking and kept the rest of my outfit simple. Black leggings, black shoe boots and my absolute favorite vintage clutch bag.

The weather here yesterday was unseasonably warm so we headed to a great restaurant we love that has an open air courtyard you can dine in. I think it's possibly one of the prettiest restaurants I've eaten in. The food is incredible too. It serves a course menu comprising seven courses. I only took three photos because I was too busy enjoying the evening (and eating all those courses) to remember to photo them all, sorry!

Although the weather was mild and the courtyard is heated I still took my snuggliest knit to keep myself warm. Don't want to catch a cold now that I'm almost better do I!! I picked it up in Mango last week. I'll do a post that you can see it clearly in soon (it totally deserves full recognition, it's so cozy). Also, isn't the entrance to the restaurant pretty, very romantic, I love it.

Chunky Knit Cardigan with Fur Trim - Mango
Today I'm venturing out for brunch and possibly a cupcake and coffee later, I'm so addicted, it's bad!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


What did you do last night? Feel free to leave a link if you've written a post about what you did, I'd love to read it!

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  1. Really gorgeous chic outfit :) Looks like a good weekend, glad you're feeling better & that food looks niiice - enjoy your cupcake!xx

  2. When I first opened this post, I was like that dress is amazing and then I was like, that bag and then the boots . . ! Love everything about this look. Pleased you're feeling better. Did the firework thing last night after a little shopping(!), literally just put the post up!

  3. im feeling the need for abit of snakeskin or lepoard print, it more feels acceptable in the winter months.

  4. http://bargainfashionhunter.blogspot.com/

  5. @ Celia, Really enjoyed my cupcake. Glad you like the outfit :)

    @Essjay23x, thanks, I love this outfit a lot :) Read your post, envious of your bonfire night, it sounded perfect!

    @Lauren Ashleigh, I seem to be really into prints at the moment, wasn't before. But I think you're right, they're more suited to winter, not sure why that is though?!!

  6. lovely outfit, nice clutch!

  7. I don't have leggings that go under the feet, but in your pictures it seems that they work really well with the boots. Great outfit, I am into all animal prints lately too!

  8. I love al your outfit! The dress is amazing!

    My blog: Irene's Closet

  9. You look absolutely stunning! I think snakeskin, or any animal print actually, can be a bit OTT when not done properly but you've styled it incredibly! Keeping everything else simple.

    The restaurant sounds lovely and seven courses! Wow! Glad you had a great time and are feeling better xxx

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  10. The leopard dress is gorgeous on you!



  11. your outfit is super cute...and i'm very jealous of the prospect of a cupcake in your future! i only allow myself stuff like that on saturdays...so, i now have a whole week b/f i can enjoy one... *sigh*

  12. You look so beautiful for one more time...I really love this outfit!The clutch and the shoes are amazing;):)

  13. You look really fab! I love the details on your accessories (chains, zips). Glad you're feeling better :)

  14. Gorgeous outfit :) i really love those black shoe boots. I am trying to follow your blog but the thing is being annoying! Gah.
    I am glad you are feeling better xx

  15. Thanks everyone. You're so kind, makes me smile :)

    I love this dress a lot, I didn't think snakeskin print was something for me before. I just picked it up to try on as something different. I'm so glad I did! From now on I'm going to try one thing I don't think is my style every time I go shopping. Hopefully I'll get more nice surprises like I did with this dress!

    @Hilary, I let myself have bad things on Sat and Sun. I couldn't stick to just one day! Good for you though, takes a lot of willpower ^^

    @Shannon, Sorry it was being annoying. I saw you managed to follow me in the end though :D Thank you so much!


  16. food looks so yummy!

    and you look beautiful!
    i love your black boots!





  17. Great look! Those booties are hot! :)

  18. i love your clutch!!!!

    i'm following you back! ;-)

  19. You look stunning! I love your snakeskin dress!!

  20. You look gorgeous! I think I need that dress!

  21. You are gorgeous!!:) Really like yours blog!:)

  22. Obsessed with your dress in this post! So stinking cute : ) Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! You have amazing style, I'm so glad to follow you on Bloglovin'

    Keep in touch



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