A Seoulful Saturday

13 November 2011

This weekend has passed all too quickly for my liking. Don't you hate it when that happens?! Despite not doing that much I feel like I haven't stopped. I needed a lot more couch time. Instead I went out early doors yesterday to meet friends for dinner. We went to a great little area called Garasou Gil, it's jam packed with cute boutiques, cosmetic stores, restaurants, bars and cafes. Best of all though, I got to wear almost all my recent new purchases.

The wedges made me feel like I was ten feet tall especially around all the much smaller Korean people but I still love them. So chuffed I managed to find them and in F21 of all places! I wore them with a grey skater skirt and my leather jacket. It won't be long until it's way too cold here to get away with only a leather jacket so I plan on making the most of it whilst I still can.

We had a wander around the shops and then decided to take a gamble on a new restaurant for dinner. It was a really casual restaurant but the food turned out to be really good so I'll definitely be heading back.

Mix metal charm bracelet - Pandora. Black studded bracelet & Love bracelet - F21

So scrummy
Drinking snacks including chocolate covered sunflower seeds, unusual but appreciated

Grey skater skirt - Uniqlo. Bag - H&M. Leather Jacket - Oli. Scarf - F21.

Today I was up and out early (well, for me on a Sunday morning it was) to meet some other friends for coffee. I met up later with my lovely boyfriend for our Sunday Supper. Didn't have my camera with me though...obviously not a real blogger yet am I! Sorry :(

So, how was your weekend? What did you do? I hope you all had fun doing something you love with good friends too!


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  1. You look gorgeous in that outfit, I love the leather jacket and the scarf ;) And oh the chocolate coated sunflower seeds are my favourite, they're so irresistible, I just keep popping one seed after the other haha. It's great you're living in Seoul at the moment, it's one of the cities I wish I could visit someday soon.

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I followed you right back and joined your giveaway.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. you look lovely, sounds like you had fun! and yummy is that a mojito? i love those ;-)

  3. Gorgeous! I love your cardigan and that bag is so pretty!

  4. LOVE your baubles. I just stumbled upon your blog and I can't wait to read more of your experiences overseas.

    Defining Tabitha

  5. You are so pretty! I love your outfit~ Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm following you now! Follow back if you'd like~

    xx maggie

  6. Waoh you look super cute!! This outfit is great =) serious !

    This weekend my cousin came to visit me so instead of resting I walked around London and now I'm dead !!!

    xxx Vee

  7. eating pizza in Seul ...that's funny .

    following you

    ciao ave

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment dear! I absolutely love your outfit :)
    I am def. following you back ^_^

  9. You look really beautiful, love the bracelets! xx

    The Londoner

  10. I love your style very much! And those bracelets are fabulous. You are so beautiful.

    I'm following you too, dear :)

    Pose Posh Post

  11. Thanks for dropping by too :D
    I followed you as I'm interested in life in Korea too :)

  12. Wow, you look amazing! Nice pictures too. :) Love that scarf as well! You look amazing. Your bracelets are so cool!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way. I'm following you now, follow back?


  13. I'm a new follower! I love your writing style and I especially love the handbag collection you have haha

  14. You are so gorgeous! I absolutely love your handbag. I've been looking for something that color/style, so cute.
    And that pizza looks delicious (I just ate dinner and it's still making me hungry again LOL).

  15. you look great ! love the scarf :) you have such a great blog ! how long have u been living in Seoul ? it sounds great :)

    have a nice day!
    The Endless Wishlist

  16. Beautiful Blog

    -Mia xoxo

  17. It's lunch time here and after seeing your pictures I'm drooling!
    Btw, your cardigan is so cute!

  18. Thanks for the comments lovelies!

    I love my new scarf and that pizza was so good I wish I could eat it again now.

    @CottonCandyINK, yep that's a mojito, my favorite drink at the moment :)

    @Nixie Pyrena, I've been living in Seoul for about two and a half years now. It's a lot of fun, at first it was kinda crazy (culture shocks and all) but now it feels like home. Helps that I can speak a bit of Korean and know where to find everything now. Love the cosmetics here too!!

    Hope you all have a great day and leave a comment again soon, makes my day getting email notifications saying someone's left a comment!! Love reading them all :D


  19. You look great!

    Follow each other? Let me know,
    I would like that :)


  20. YOU are lovely and that scarf is also so pretty! it looks so good with your skin tone and hair. lovesss it!
    Lovely Little Rants

  21. Just found your blog and so glad I did!
    I'm now happily following along!

  22. I can only echo the above...just stumbled upon your blog and it's ever so lovely, so hello from another new follower!

    Gorgeous outfit, and South Korea looks beautiful too :) xx

  23. you are gorgeous! such a pretty face, and i really like that scarf. you have great style. the photos on your blog are totally awesome - i'm so your fan. following! :)


  24. If you live in Seoul- I would love to meet you soon! I live in sunny Manila but I have been to Seoul in 2010. I'm planning to come back soon! Hopefully I can meet you there.

    Bdw--- love, love your blog:)


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