1 December 2011

When I was a teenager I hated wearing black. I thought it was a dull, lifeless colour and associated it in my head with funerals. Nowadays my opinions completely changed. In the last week I seem to have gone a little crazy about black though, purchasing several new black items. The fact they say black is slimming may have played a small part in that, haha!  Black's also possibly the easiest colour to wear. What it lacks in colour can be made up for by varied fabrics and textured details. Black can also be worn in a beautifully simplistic way.

I've never been one for simple though so on my latest shopping trip as soon as I caught a glimpse of shimmering black sequins in Forever 21 I had to try it on. I'd been wanting some kind of snazzy black jacket, especially with party season approaching and I'm sure you've all worked out I love sparkly stuff by now, right?! So...a fully sequined black jacket was perfect for me. I love it and of course it was a steal since it came from F21.

Black sequin jacket - F21

I was aimlessly browsing the Internet when I came across my next black purchase. It actually arrived on my birthday which was nice timing. I'd wanted a new black handbag for ages now, mainly because I've been ruining my favourite, rather expensive black Bally handbag by taking it to work everyday. I didn't want anything expensive but I did want something cool looking.

Now here's the thing, although it wasn't marketed this way and it doesn't say it on it anywhere, this handbag happens to look a lot like a particular designer handbag. Now some people may disagree I'm sure but the whole 'looks-like-but-isn't' thing doesn't bother me too much. Living out here in Korea I see a lot, and I mean A LOT of copies, or bags heavily inspired by designer ones. I didn't have the intention of getting a fake bag and trying to pass it off as real. I bought this bag because I love the design, it was very cheap, just what I need for casual everyday use and there's no way I could afford the real-deal type right now anyway. Not that I haven't considered the real deal for long enough though, believe me! I personally believe that if you like a designer bag (that you can't possibly part with the cash for) then go ahead and buy a similar design. Just don't pretend it's something it's not, thats where the problems lie! That could lead to some serious embarrassment if you get caught out. Imagine being out with friends and someone having the authentic one. Eurgh, cringe moment. Anyway, I'm just enjoying my bag for what it is and of course the $1500 I saved.

Also in F21, I finally found a blouse I liked. Blouses have been haunting me, I'm not joking. I've been wanting a pretty one for ages and every blogger under the sun seemed to be rubbing their pretty blouses in my face lately. Although it hasn't satisfied my craving for floaty feminine blouses, it's definitely a good start. A black one is a wardrobe basic and so easy to work into different outfits. I got the sparkly necklace because I really am a magpie.

Black blouse with ruffle detail - F21
Multilayer black beaded necklace - F21
Black patent cosmetics bag - Aritaum
The perfect fit for my MAC must haves.
That one was purely purely practical buy. I'm actually heading home to England next week for an extended visit. It's been over two years since I was last at home, I'm pretty excited but a little anxious. I'm coming back to Korea sometime in the New Year. I started to panic a few days ago about how I'm going to manage to pack for a long trip back with only a 25kg baggage allowance. Can you believe that?! How stingy are airlines these days! I was also wondering how best to transport my rather extensive make up collection? Well now I have an answer to one of those problems.  If anyone has an answer to the other please do let me know!


Leave a comment and let me know if you love black or not and which is your favourite item? If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my handbag giveaway here.


  1. Amazing finds! Love the sequin jacket. Can't wait to see how you wear it!

  2. I love wearing black! I used to have a similar black sequinned jacket, but it is too big for me! After seeing yours, I am missing being able to wear my old one haha.

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  3. i was the opposite as teenager and now I'm just starting to experiment with colors. i love these items perfect ;-)

  4. I'll admit I find myself turning to black more often when I'm lazy or a little down, but not the black with gorgeous texture/sparkle as you have above! I love the Anna Sui charm on your makeup bag :) I'm collecting Anna Sui mirrors and vanity table accessories at the moment! I probaly ought to do a blog post on that, too...

  5. oooo I love that sequin jacket!!! :)

  6. oh my!
    i love love love
    the make up bag
    how cute is that!
    i like that it has dividers inside!


  7. To be honest i have a lot of black clothes;)I really think that black is a color which you can combine with everything!The jacket and the bag look amazing;):)Much love

  8. great combination blouse with necklace- I like it, and also pretty makeup bag! And I have question about your adorable bag-where did you buy it? thank for answer, have a nice day!

  9. The makeup bag is gorgeous and i've always been a fan of black x

  10. Such a fun jacket! A friend of mine bought a gold sequined one a while back mostly as a joke. The thing is, she fell in love with it and wears it all the time! haha! I love sequins - especially at the holidays. They're so appropriate. :)

  11. Beautiful Items! I love your Balenciaga bag!

  12. Can't wait to see you wear all of your new purchases! Your blouse is super pretty :)

    xx maggie

  13. Hi I really like ur blog and it would mean a lot if u checked out mine too
    btw I follow back if u follow me :)

  14. Great jacket ! Really love it !
    Big kiss from:

  15. Thank you lovely ladies for all the nice comments. Love reading them.

    I'm so excited to wear my sequin jacket and the blouse too.
    The make up bag is such a perfect fit for all my MAC stuff, it's the dividers that make it such a good bag!

    I hope everyone of you will stop by again soon and say hey again when you do! :)


  16. You got some lovely things! I particularly like the sequin jacket. I know what you mean about black, it can look really dull but I think if you accessorise it right it can look great.XxxX

  17. black sequins,fabulous :))


  18. I hated black too when I was younger+now I know that the most expensive pieces i have are black cause the color is a classic

    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    come and say hi
    The Dolls Factory

  19. I used to hate black too but now I love it!

    Thanks for following us, following you too!

    M x

  20. love this glitter jacket!!!!


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