Road Tripping // And Loving Luuuuurve Motels

15 August 2013

My road trip seems like an eternity ago thanks to the last two weeks being crazy hectic! I'll fill you in on a bit of what's going on with me in another post, but right now I want catch you up on my mini-adventure. Road tripping is an absolute favourite of mine, I love to chatter and sing in the car as we cruise along the highways and detour around the sights. I love that feeling of being on the road, going wherever you please along the way, don't you?

For this trip, we headed down the country stopping off for a night in one of Korea's lesser known cities along the way. We took a walk around one of the popular districts and found a shabby chic restaurant to enjoy a few drinks over dinner before finding a place to stop for the night. Usually when we visit new places we book ahead, opting for the safety of a hotel. In Korea though motels are hugely popular (mostly thanks to a lot of extramarital activity and young couples looking for places to eeehmmm....hide-out??) and quite unlike what we westerners think of as a motel. For a start, there are hundreds of them in every city and even the small towns, mostly all doing a roaring trade. They do of course come in a full range of stereotypically drab, dodgy looking rooms that would be apt settings for a thriller movie. But, they also have various styles of themed motels and some insanely gaudy 'luxury' motels. We decided we'd try one out ourselves after spotting a 'luxury brand' themed one in the area. Sadly the Chanel and Prada rooms were all full when we arrived, but we managed to bag a Louis Vuitton room for only $50 (that's got to be the cheapest Louis Vuitton you can buy!) complete with neon LED lighting and a massive jacuzzi bathtub. 

Let me tell you, pulling into a private garage with automatic doors that slide down immediately behind you, getting out of your car to be serenaded by piped music as you walk up your private staircase to an automated check in on the wall outside the room (so there's not one person who can physically identify you as ever having been there), it's certainly a unique experience that's sure to make you feel just a touch seedy even in the most 'luxury' of the motels. And if all that doesn't (trust me, it will), then the free 'his and hers' gift bags in the room sure will! You don't even want to know some of the things that were in them amongst the toiletries. Seediness aside, the room was actually probably one of the best $50 we've ever spent. It had all the mod-cons, complimentary everything and we spent a good 15-minutes checking out the various rainbow lighting patterns. I really should have taken more photos, but honestly we were just having such a laugh, it was hilarious! 

We woke up early and hit the road for a little exploring on the 'scenic route', stopping off for bagels and coffee along the way. We made it to our main destination, the coastal city of Busan, in the evening. We  had an awesome dinner and took in some of the famous city sights. We had booked ourselves a hotel for the night, which much to my disappointment, despite being astronomically more expensive than the previous night, did not have rainbow lighting or even a hint of gaudiness. No, it was just nice, and luxurious, and chic, and civilised, and...well...quite frankly, boring! Thankfully it did have the comfiest and possibly biggest bed I've ever had the joy of sinking into, so at least that was something!

The next day we hit the road again for a little more exploring in the area, coffee and some shopping before embarking on the trip back. I have a million photos of beautiful landscapes and weird 'you wouldn't see that back home' type photos but for the purposes of keeping things brief and not boring you to death, here are just a few.

Cruising along the Asian Turkey?
Bistro Cafe Best Food Gwangju Korea

Bottle Restaurant Gwangju Korea

 Gwangju Love Motel Clean Best Hotel Korea
Love Motel Hotel Gwangju Korea
OOTD  //  Breton Sweater - H&M  /  Skirt - Zara  /  Watch - Marc Jacobs  /  Bracelets - BheartB
Brunch pit-stop

Bus stop miles from anywhere

Made it to Busan. It's Korea's second largest city and sits on the edge of sea at the very south of the country.
Tired travel face.
Luxury just doesn't feel as fun anymore!
Got to get my morning Starbies in. Coffee addict.
 OOTD  //  Sandals - Topshop (similar)  /  Affirmation Bracelet - BCBG  /  Turquoise Bracelets - BheartB

What do you think of road trips? Have you ever stayed in a motel? Bet it wasn't as fun as mine, huh?!

x x x

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  1. I had a look at the motel website and it looks amazing! Well the rooms and decor look amazing. So novel.

    You look stunning even after travelling in the car!

    Thanks for the lovely post - i've been waiting in anticipation since the washbag post.


  2. Fab 1st shot! Your trip sounds like great fun. We stayed in a motel when we did a roadtrip down Route 101 from San Fran to LA!
    Happy Thursday Amelia xoxo

    1. Wow, that's what I want to do one day. I can imagine you had a great time :)


  3. I wish I was there, i'm so jealous! it looks like you guys had a fun time :)

    1. Wish you were here too! Miss you! Let's Skype sometime soon :) x

  4. I have never seen a motel quite like that and I've stayed in quite a few!! I love road tripping ( as long as I'm not the driver ;) )

    It looks like a great weekend, I'm glad you had so much fun x x

    Luxx Mint

    1. Yes, it's much better to be the passenger. Just relaxing and watching the world go by :) Where/when did you stay in motels, the states? What are they like over there? I only know what I've seen on movies.


  5. Replies
    1. Yes, it was pretty cool. Was quite a change from the usual hotels we stay in. hehe! x

  6. Love your photos! What a great hotel room!

    1. Thanks darling. Yes, it was quite unique :) x

  7. Haha I have heard about these motels, I can't say that I have ever stayed in one yet though!


    Five Minute Style 

  8. I had such a laugh reading about the motels. Definitely something I didn't know about Korea, WOW! Thanks for sharing, it seems like you had a swell time.

  9. Have to say, your tired travel face looks good! :)

    Looks like an incredible time, I'm desperate to travel round that area of the world, and the food looks amazing!

    Hmm maybe...

  10. That so cool. I have really enjoyed seeing all your travels and it has inspired me to consider travelling to that part of the world.

    Your blog is incredible, never stop blogging :)

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

  11. That LV rooms looks epic! My boyfriend and I have little road trips quite a lot, but haven't come across a gem like that yet! Looks like you had a great time.

    Lozzie xx


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