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27 September 2013

Elf Sack Dress
Elf Sack
Floral Dress Grunge Outfit

Do you remember the sickly sweet floral tea-dresses that were a big trend about five years ago? Well, I was big into that trend. Of course I was, it appealed to my super girly side! I chose the floatiest I could find and dressed them up with oodles of sparkly bangles, pristine hair and makeup, and usually a pair of heels, too. 

My style has evolved since then; although I'll never stop being attracted to floral prints, these days I like to wear them differently, in a sort of 'girly grunge style' I'd call it. What this involves is basically...making a whole lot of effort so you don't look like you've made any effort or not making a whole lot of effort at all. I prefer the later, since I'm always running late. 

For me, it's air-dried hair, minimal makeup, a good worn-in pair of biker boots and a floral dress. This particular dress is a new one I just got from Choies. It has structured shoulders, something I always love, and also a decent amount of structure to the body.  Plus, because it's made from a fairly thick fabric (rather than the all too common limp, slinky stuff) the skirt also holds it's 'skater' shape and has a nice amount of volume. You can check it out - HERE!

So, do you wear florals? Are you more girly grunge or soft and floaty florals? 

If you want to try the girly grunge look yourself, the thing to remember is to keep the dress light and/or bright, otherwise you'll just be grunge! 

Have a great weekend everyone x x x

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  1. I love wearing pretty dresses with boots too! This is such a lovely print, and I love dresses with a bit more structure that don't 'flop' shapelessly on me!

  2. your hair is sooo beautiful!

  3. The dress looks so pretty!

  4. I love this look so much! That dress actually has the perfect shape and I like the comfy grunge look from time to time as well :)

  5. lovely outfit! i'm more of a girly grunge :) xx

  6. This dress is so pretty. Love it with the natural hair and make-up to stop it being too girlie. x

  7. I always love your outfit posts! I'm more of a flirty floral girl!

    Five Minute Style 

  8. You look gorgeous in this dress Amelia, love it worn with the boots.

  9. Always wear florals, they are perfeccct

  10. super cute outfit!!!


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