Making Me Smile // Hiatus Edition

9 March 2014

Apologies for the unannounced hiatus. It wasn't planned, it's just been one of those periods where something comes up, quickly followed by another thing and another. Don't you hate those times?!

I think I mentioned before, we moved apartment last month and to say that it was a smooth transition would be lying. It felt like everything that could possibly be an issue was. One of the more frustrating problems was that it took us over a week to get an Internet connection sorted out, only for it to be cut off a couple of weeks later. It's then taken us until now, with no less than around 15 phone calls (of varying levels of politeness), to get it back on again. Fantastic! For a blogger and social media addict like myself, having no Internet at home is somewhat of a problem, but apparently not one the service provided seemed to care about! Also, in what felt like the final twist of ugly fate, the Mr managed to catch Dengue Fever (a tropical illness passed on by mosquitoes) a couple of weeks ago. He was sick in bed for about a week until he was hospitalised this last week. It's shocking how extreme some of the illnesses out here actually are. Thankfully he's heaps better now and is back home easy, hassle free month...errrm, no, not quite.

Anyway, they say bad things come in threes and I think we've more than exceeded that, so hopefully from here on out it's plain sailing (and blogging). I know I sound like I'm ranting but believe it or not, despite all that's been going on for the last month, I'm actually really enjoying life here in Indonesia. Between the bad there's still been a lot of good. So, in the interest of looking on the bright side of life, here's just a handful of simple things that have been making me smile;

Moving apartment - if only because it helped me re-discover this amazing Christmas gift I'd tucked away and then somehow forgotten about! I love the lipstick in particular; a cremesheen called 'How Darling!'
Brunching and chatting with new lovely girl friends... PAUL. If you've ever been to one, you'll know why this makes me smile. And, if you haven't been, you really need to!
Extra sparkle on stressful days.
Enjoying icy cool drinks and good conversations in the balmy evening sun on our balcony.

I'm grateful that tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new week (with Internet). Onwards and upwards :) Have a great week everybody!

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  1. Glad you back, I've missed you gorgeous pictures!
    xxx Claire

  2. Hope your Mr is ok, that sounds scary! I love PAUL - so strange to find it in other countries! x

  3. How horrible for your fiancé and scary for you, I'm glad he's back on his feet. Its lovely to see you have made friends so quickly in Jakarta, I think I would find that quite daunting. I'm loving seeing your posts from Indonesia, it's a lot more westernised than I imagined. And you have Paul!!! X x

  4. "Always look on the bright side of life" - even though it's such a cliché, it's SO TRUE. I'm glad you're managing to focus on the little things that bring smile to your face, and what lovely things those are! Also glad to hear that your man has recovered now, that illness sounds scary!

  5. Oh God! We just covered Dengue Fever in my med school microbiology class...that is REALLY SCARY! Thank goodness he is better. <3

  6. Hi Amelia!

    Sorry to read that you had a stressful month...
    That lipstick looks gorgeous! And Paul is one of our favorite places to brunch here in Dubai! I'm actually planning a little blog post about it! :-)
    Have a lovely hassle free day!
    Much love! xx

  7. yay! So glad you're back and everything is all set up. I'll be moving a bit closer to you, so if you ever make it to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, let me know!

  8. How scary about the Mr, I am glad he's doing ok now! Fingers crossed everything starts to look up for you soon!

    Five Minute Style 

  9. Wow! What a month you've had. Hope Paul is well & truly on the mend, you must have been beside yourself with worry.
    That cake shop looks amazing!
    Hugs xoxo

  10. Horrible month :( I'm glad you're back and on the road to normality again - well as normal as life can be after a move! All the best with everything and I'm really appreciating the size of those macaroons!
    Lucy xxx
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