Chanel Frisson // Valentine's Nails

15 February 2014

Chanel Frisson OPI Mod About You

Sheer Pink Polish

Best Soft Pink Polish

Valentines day nail art
Left to Right  //  China Glaze - Ruby Pumps  / OPI - Mod About You / OPI - Color So Hot It Berns
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Despite being crazily busy this last couple of weeks with moving house (yes, again!!) and taking a last minute trip to Singapore for the Mr's work, I still found some time to take part in my favourite Valentine's tradition. Of course I did. A bit of love inspired nail art!

This was inspired by some simple red heart shape tips I'd spied on Pinterest a while back. I just made some of my own enhancements/adjustments: I used two colors, OPI Mod About You and Color So Hot it Berns, to layer some of the hearts; for a more playful look I painted my hearts on slight tilts and kept my rounder, less pointy nail shape, the originals (see Pinterest link) are a bit regimented and too claw-like for my taste; and lastly I added a bit of China Glaze Ruby Pumps, because it wouldn't be right not to have a touch of glitter on Valentine's Day!

Special mention has to be given to the base coat, it's my latest polish addition, Chanel Frisson. It was picked up on a stop-and-grab duty-free haul on our last trip to SG. It's the epitome of a feminine sheer pink, with a subtle irridescent micro-shimmer to it. So pretty! For this manicure I just used two coats but you can layer up three or four to get an opaque finish. No doubt I'll show you a snap of this polish worn that way in the future because it's a definite easy to wear, everyday kinda polish.

Anyway, Valentine's day is winding to a close now around the other side of the world (it's actually Saturday here now) but I hope you all had a wonderful day spent with whoever you love, be it your partner, your friends or your pet :) And, have a great weekend!

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  1. Adore your nails Amelia! They're great fun, classy & not too OTT!!
    Come stop by my blog for live LFW updates :)
    Hugs xoxo

  2. pretty!! i hope you had a lovely valentine's day!!

  3. How sweet! Very simple & perfect for Valentines or a romantic evening x

  4. Those colours are just absolutely beautiful! I especially love the Chanel one.


  5. So pretty, i absolutely adore your nail art posts! The Chanel nail polish is lovely :)
    xxx Claire

  6. I love these valentines-day-inspired nails, really sweet! x

  7. I've seen red heart tips before but never ones as beautiful and interesting as these! :)
    I especially love what you have done with the nails with both the read and and the light pink. Absolutely gorgeous!!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend too!

    Ellis Tuesday

  8. Aah, I did something similar on my nails for Valentine's day but yours are a lot better than mine! I like that you did something different on every nail. A great alternative to the plain hearts :) x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

  9. You always have the most amazing nails!! I hope the move went well!

    Five Minute Style 

  10. This is such an adorable look :) I wish I had done something like this for Valentine's Day!

  11. I like these, I've never seen a design like this! xx

  12. Gorgeous - incredibly creative. Hope the move went well :)

  13. Love these nails - I'd wear them all year round if I could do a design like this! x

  14. Gorgeous! I bought the Chanel nail polish recently!

  15. So pretty!! I love your nail art, and it's so neat too :) the base coat does look gorgeous for an everyday colour. Mine is Opi's Dulce De Leche - a firm favourite! xxx


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