Making Me Smile

25 March 2014

The brightest tea break bringing the sunshine indoors.
Funny books that make me laugh out loud in the middle of busy book stores.
The smell of my newest candle still lingering in the air the next morning. Voluspa Brut Champagne, Almonds & Oak. 
Still not being able to decide. Long live ombre!
Re-stocking 'shy-girl' through Back2Mac. Free makeup, who wouldn't smile at that?! 
Oh, and this little guy, who hasn't been out in a while.

Just a few things that have been making me smile recently. It's good to focus on the little everyday kind of positives, don't you think?

So, what's been making you smile lately? 

x x x

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  1. That cake looks amazing! x

  2. Wow that cake is epic, I bet it was as delicious as it looks. I love ombre nails!
    xxx Claire

  3. This ombre manicure is so pretty and perfect for spring (and when you, in fact, can't decide which colour to choose!) - I love your wrist party, too! A champagne-almond-oak scented candle? I can only imagine how deliciously it smells, wow!

  4. Ow golly that cake looks so yummy! =P xx.

  5. That's such a great idea! I can never choose between nail varnish shades when I'm shopping so now I have an excuse to get all of them. So so so pretty! You could match your nails to the cake... xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

  6. The cake looks amazingly colourful - almost too pretty to eat - almost I said!!!
    Your ombre nails look stunning - you should do some nail art tutorials Amelia
    Hugs xoxo

  7. I really like that cake! :) also, it's nice that you love funny books <3

  8. That candle looks amazing! Might have to track one down for myself.

    Suppose Anything Goes

  9. That cake looks amazing! I love ombre nails as well, it's the best idea when you can't pick which color you want to wear :) x

  10. That cake is amazing!! That would totally brighten my day up! Right now the thing making me smile most is having fresh flowers around my room!

    Five Minute Style 

  11. that cake looks amazing~
    your nails are amazing xx

  12. I spot a Cupcakes and Cashmere book, one of my favourites!

    Fie xx

  13. Loving those accessories and the colorful cake! So perfect :)
    xo TJ


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