Leopard Print Nail Art Revisited

20 March 2014

Considering that painting my nails is one of my favourite pastimes, done without fail a couple of times a week, I can't believe it's been over a month since my last nail post! If it weren't for the fact I snapped a few quick photos on my iPhone of these just after completion, this could have been another forgotten manicure.

This was a revisit/upgrade of the leopard print accent nail manicure I did when I first began this blog a couple of years ago. You can see the original post, 'Leopard Print Nail Art How To', for a basic explanation of the steps to create the leopard pattern. The old post is also a great illustration of how my manicure skills have improved (in my humble opinion!) which goes to show a little practice (and some  patience) is all you need for this manicure. It's much easier than it looks, and the key to a great leopard print effect is to make sure the splodges of color are various sizes and shapes. Also, don't completely encircle the colour with black, leave spaces and do a few dots of black on it's own in a couple of places.  Random is the name of the game!

How To Tutorial OPI

Top Coat Review
Base color - Essie 'Marshmallow'  //  Leopard print - OPI 'Shorts Story' & The Face Shop 'Black Nail Art Pen' 
How To Nails

Even though I swore I hated it, I decided to give Essie 'Marshmallow' another shot, it took four coats to achieve this colour and getting it to look smooth was NOT easy. Needless to say, I still don't recommend it.

OPI on the other hand (pun just a happy accident), never seems to fail me. 'Short's Story' is a long time favourite of mine and for this manicure I used the OPI Top Coat too instead of Seche Vite. As much as I love the finish you get from Seche, the shrinkage can be pretty awful.

I'll try to do nail posts on a more regular basis, if that's something you lovelies are interested in seeing? 

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  1. I absolutely love this! You have such a gorgeous shape to your nails too - I can never shape my nails right, and they always end up having to be squared off or cut down because I've made them so uneven!


    1. Aw, thank you! It took me a while to get the hang of getting my shape right, keep trying you'll get it I'm sure :) x

  2. Your nails always look gorgeous Amelia, love the pink lepo! I use Essie Fiji & it's not too bad especially with the Essie top coat applied after.
    Hugs xoxo

    1. Essie fiji is such a pretty shade, perhaps I should give that a try sometime. I've not had much luck with the Essie colours I've tried so far but hopefully that one will be better :) Thanks for the recommendation hun! x

  3. what a fab idea! I love leopard print :)



  4. pretty pretty! wish I had the patience and talent to do my nails!


    1. Thank you. It does take patience, at the very least enough for them to dry, nothing more annoying that smudging a mani! Haha. x

  5. What a fun manicure! I'm super impressed, the skills and the colours are amazing - well done! OPI Shorts Story might be just a shade I need for spring, I love a bright / 'Minnie Mouse' colour on my nails, so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, Shorts Story is a great bright. Its funny you should mention Minnie Mouse colours because there's actually an OPI Minnie Mouse Collection and one of the polish in that collection is an exact dupe for Shorts Story (called If You Moust You Moust)


  6. I love leopard print nails! Very cute.



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