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23 June 2014

It seems that Singapore is quickly becoming my second home. I can't/won't complain about that! 

The close proximity to Jakarta (just a 1.5 hour flight) means that Singapore is a great, and quite common, mini-break destination for expats here. Especially, for anyone like me, who feels the need to walk around a bit (there's a lack of outdoor space in Jakarta), or is looking to stock up on any of their favourite items that can't be found in Jakarta.

On this trip I did a couple of things that I'm going to show you in individual posts soon.

However... I also did lots of other little things that I just snapped quickly. So here's my Singapore photo journal brought to you by the wonder that is my iPhone:

This time in Singapore I...

...failed at the first hurdle of I Quit Sugar, and indulged in these mini cupcakes from Swirls Bakery at Robertson Quay. Pleased to say I'm firmly back on the IQS wagon now, but man did I enjoy my fall!

Took a stroll along the riverside and then found a great little restaurant and wine bar called Verre.

Jakarta Lifestyle Travel Blog

Where we ate this...

Robertson Quay

..and drank several glasses of this...

Jakarta Lifestyle travel blog

We chattered away for a few hours and then wandered rather cheerily back to our hotel. On the way we passed a very small but romantic champagne bar nestled beneath the trees alongside the river. I made a mental note to check it out when we're next back in Singapore.

After an incredible night's sleep, the kind that comes from blackout blinds, soundproofed walls and an extra large and sumptuous hotel bed, we woke up and proceeded to have the best breakfast in bed ever...

Left-over cupcakes and a Nespresso!

Thanks to the sugar/caffeine fix I was then able to drag myself away from the seven layers of Egyptian cotton luxury and get dolled up.

To go where? Sightseeing? A fancy lunch? 

No, no, much more fun than anything like that....


Of course it was. Everyone goes to Ikea on their vacation don't they. Bet you even guessed that, huh?

Ok, yes, I know... I seem crazy right?! 

In my defense, we don't have one in Jakarta, and I was deprived of it in Korea for the last five years. For me, it was somewhat of a must-see. I stocked up on random kitchen goods, cheap vases, a few of their white office boxes and a cushion. As you do. The Mister was just on board because of the food. He's good like that.

After getting the essentials ticked off, we headed down to the Marina for some more strolling and a bit of real sightseeing.

Jakarta Lifestyle Blogger

Followed by a spot of tea with a view at The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

And a spot more wandering. We really miss walking in Jakarta, can you tell?!

The next day, we were up and at it early for a bit of big kid, fun in the sun. 


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Sunglasses - Ray-Ban  //  Tee - Bought in Korea  //  Bag - Vintage
Travel Blogger
..with that guy <3

We can't go to Singapore without a stop in Universal. Whilst it's not a big park (if you plan to visit, you don't need more than 5-6 hours) we just enjoy the rides and being childish for a few hours.
Resisted the temptation...
...these too. *pats herself on the back*
After flying round our favourite rides (The Revenge Of The Mummy, Shrek 3D, Transformers) we headed out to grab a healthy lunch.
Yes, that's a pulled pork sandwich and my "healthy option" - a salad. *so much for that pat*

After lunch we went on to one of the beaches which is nearby on Sentosa Island. You can just hop on the free monorail at Universal and it's two stops down.

Universal Studios Travel Blog Review

We then headed back to the hotel for some chill-out time by the pool, before dinner at a place that was so good I have to share it in it's own post.

Jakarta Travel Blogger

You can see lots more pictures of the pool and the hotel we stayed at, in my last post - HERE.

The final day was reserved for Orchard Road, Singapore's star shopping destination, to stock up on Nespresso capsules (no store in Jakarta as yet) along with important things...

Dress - Zara  //  Bag - 3.1 Philip Lim  // Sunglasses - Tom Ford
...from places like this.
nail polish le vernis 2014
Oh, and since there's no Chanel cosmetics in JKT...just a couple of polishes from the summer collection!
I'll show you what I chose in a manicure post very soon, no doubt.

All in all, a fabulous whirlwind trip. Not too relaxing, but that's not what city breaks are for. Singapore is a firm favourite of mine, and to anyone thinking of taking a trip there, I highly recommend it! 

Have you been to Singapore or would you like to? Where are your favourite city breaks?


  1. The mini cupcakes are absolutely adorable! My friend lived in Singapore for six months and absolutely loved it - I know he's desperate to go back.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time! I'd love to go there - will be adding it to my 'to go' list :)

    amber love

  3. Nice picture!! :)
    Are u originally from Jakarta dear??


  4. Your pictures are so lovely, how amazing does your food look! Xx


  5. Those cupcakes, and all the food, looks incredible! I'd love to visit Singapore one day, it looks like a great place! I love your black and white dress too x

    What Rachael Wrote

  6. All of this has me drooling! I would love to travel there one day. Looks beautiful! And your outfits are all lovely too.

  7. Great snapshots Amelia! Reminded me of our time in Singapore which I much preferred to Hong Kong - it's so much cleaner!!
    Hugs xoxo

  8. I never been in Singapore! After your post, I would love to go there once when I back to Hong Kong=)

  9. I studied abroad in Singapore! It has changed so much since I was there. When I was there, there was no ferris wheel, no Universal Studios, no casino, no Ikea, no Marina Bay Sands yet! You have to check out Gardens by the Bay on your next trip! I'm so jealous of you!

    Also if you like to eat street food you have to check out their national dish, the Hainanese chicken rice! Personally I'm partial to the deep fried squid sticks from Old Chang Kee with their spicy hot sauce. It's so amazing (if you love squid that is).

    xo freshfizzle


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