The Bali Best Bits

23 July 2014

Despite desperately wishing it wouldn't end, I'm back from my Bali break.


It was heavenly - sun, sea, sand, not to mention a luxurious villa with our own private pool...

So, of course we had a absolutely great time! You'd be hard pressed not to enjoy Bali though, after all, it isn't called Island Of The Gods for nothing.

I'll be writing a few posts over the coming week or so (depending how quickly I can adapt to reality and the normal pace of life) to show you the amazing place we stayed at (Uma Sapna Villas) and a few of the places we visited that I'd recommend.

In the meantime, here are just a few of my Bali highlights. Although...calling them 'highlights' seems incorrect when the whole trip felt like one big highlight.

Walking on the beach watching the waves crashing in and the white fluffy clouds drifting across the brightest blue sky.
Rose petal & frangipani bath fit for a queen but thankfully gifted to me.
An evening chilling out at Potato Head Beach club.

Lazing by the private pool in our gorgeous villa, lapping up the rays.
Building my own Bali Style bracelet stack.

Breakfast in our villa garden each morning.
Celebrating this wonderful man's birthday with him  <3
After dinner treat one night at the cutest Gelato cafe, Lello Lello.
This unique, very colourful restaurant, Sea Circus, on Jalan Oberoi, Seminyak.
The beach dogs - In particular this guy who made an abandoned sandcastle into his very own seafront bachelor pad.
And simply relaxing in the pool.

Yes, heavenly!

Have you been to Bali or do you plan to visit sometime? 


  1. I definitely plan on visiting after reading this! I've always loved the idea of Bali but never really looked into it, where were you staying? I want that pool!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

  2. Fab photos Amelia. We tagged a couple of weeks in Bali after visiting Singapore. It's such a stunning island, we stayed at Nusa Dusa which was like paradise. Your photos make me want to go back.
    Hugs xoxo

  3. That looks amazing! Definitely want to go there now x

  4. Honestly I've never really been interested in Bali. I like to travel to experience different culture & see historic buildings etc so I'm much more inclined to holiday in Europe. But if I ever wanted to just relax and get away this looks lovely, plus its not that far from home. Great photo's!

  5. What a stunning location and resort. Anywhere with beach dogs is a winner for me - too cute!

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  6. Wow, this place looks like it has all the ingredients dreams are made of. strange, I've never considered Bali before. Great shots xx

  7. This seems like a wonderful place to go for a holidays, I wish I had a chance to visit Bali! Great pictures! x

  8. Omg this looks perfect, and your man is so handsome! Happy belated birthday to him!

  9. Oh My God! These pictures are insane. I have never been to Bali,but always wanted to. These look like a dream. Wow!

    Hugs all the way from Lithuania


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