It's raining, woohoo...RAIN BOOTS!

2 August 2011

Rain boots, Wellies, Wellingtons, Gum boots...I've heard people refer to them as all of the above. I'm from England so to me they're my wellington boots or as I like to call them affectionately, my Wellybobbles.
I think the childlike name came about because of their ability to evoke childlike behavior in me.
As a child I had several pairs of wellington boots, all too big, that would slop around my little (actually not so little - I was a rather chubby child and teenager - but you know what I mean) legs. They didn't look that pretty but they were fun!

So for the last few month's Wellington boots have been featuring in all the fashion magazines, more specifically Hunter rain boots have been. I'm living in South Korea and here we have a monsoon season around late June to early August. I'm from England so I'm not unaccustomed to some rain but let me tell you when it rains here, it REALLY rains. Last year I battled through the monsoon season sliding around in my pretty summer sandals. I even lost a beloved pair of L.K.Bennett gold sandals to the rain. The leather strap tore! (Nearly cried, I won't lie!) I decided I couldn't risk more fatalities so I went ahead and ordered some Hunter boots.

Duck Egg Blue Original Gloss Hunters. Yey!

I opted for the 'Duck Egg Blue Tall Gloss' Hunter boot. I'm always wary of fakes popping up on random internet sites, the price might look enticing but if you think it's too good to be true it probably is!

I decided to order mine from ASOS, they were £72 with free shipping which was the same as the retail price on the Hunter Website. I would have ordered from Hunter directly but since I'm living abroad the free shipping is always a winner.  Here is the selection of Hunter's ASOS has on offer.

I've noticed a particularly chic black pair, which I might have to purchase, for the practicality of course!

You might think I'm late in posting about rain boots since it's technically hitting summer but if you live in England I'd still advise you invest in a pair. They'll always come in handy at some time and many celebrities have been spotted in them. Do you still need more excuses?! should probably get a pair for that summer festival your thinking of going to!

Plus, I can promise you, you'll secretly be smiling to yourself as you find yourself navigating you're way into every puddle possible! <3


  1. I am seriously addicted to your blog, look at me, on your site for hours and reaching it to your very first post EVER on your blog. Great job for being interested and absolutely beautiful and inspiring!

    1. Just seen this comment now, a whole year on, haha! Ooops, sorry!

      Thank you very much lovely. I'm glad I was interesting enough for you to make it all the way back here to the very beginning :)



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