Teeth whitening plans and Back 2 MAC

3 August 2011

Today I did the usual thing I do most days. But since this blog is new you don't yet know what the 'usual' is.

It's not that exciting so I'll keep it short.

I woke up and got ready to go to work. Which means I took too long choosing clothes and putting on make-up then had to run for a taxi so I wasn't late. I worked all day - not exciting at all but I did tell you it wasnt.

When I left work I went for coffee then popped into a department store to go to MAC. I love MAC, in fact I'm what you call a MAC addict. You'll soon see!

I went to return a few empty foundations, lip conditioners etc. that have been laying around my apartment for a few months. They do a program called Back 2 MAC. Basically, you can get a free lipstick for every 6 empty cases you return. This applies to almost all items in a hard case, you should see Back 2 Mac written on the box the product first comes in.  I got two new bright pink shades. I'll try to get my camera fixed so I can get some good photos showing the colours (There are some things iPhones can't do)! When I do I'll do a review of them on here.

After going there I came home, ate some food, browsed the internet, blah blah blah. You get the idea.

Then I ordered a new pack of Crest 3D White teeth whitening strips. I found after searching the internet that the cheapest deals are on the U.S. version of Ebay. The strips are cheaper than on the English Ebay and lots of sellers give you free postage too.

I got 60 strips, 30 upper 30 lower for $58. That's about £37. That includes the postage which was free and first class priority mail too. I opted for the 'Professional Effects' type which are the strongest Crest make as far as I know. I've used a few of the other types in the past with good results, my teeth definitely got whiter, so I'm hoping these will work really well.

I'm going to try and take before and after pictures then post them on here at a later date so check back.

Somehow that's all I did today. It's late now though so I'm going to say goodnight.

Sweet dreams ~ X

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  1. I keep wanting to try the crest strips but worry they will make my teeth painful!! M


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