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5 August 2011

...I've survived the torrential rain here! Yey!

Sadly the rain came in perfect synchrony with my mum visiting me. We still managed to have an amazing time though. We shopped, took in the touristy sights and ate waaay too much.

Recently, I discovered that here in Korea I have what I can only assume must be hobbit looking feet.
No no - not hairy gross knobbly things (my toes are always perfectly pedicured...why on earth would you want manky unkempt feet?? Don't get me started on that, that's a whole other post at least!) just their size. As a result of my hobbit feet when I first arrived here I found out some terrible terrible news.....

In Korea they don't do shoes in my size! (I told you it was terrible terrible news) I'm only a British size 7 but here I go into shoe shops and ask what the biggest size they stock is only to have shop assistants look down at my feet and gasp in what appears to be shock. Once, a guy actually laughed before telling me in perfect English, "No, we don't have shoes that big for women, you could try buy a pair of men's shoes".

Oh why YES sure I'd just LOVE a pair of men's shoes, that's exactly what I was after. So whereabouts is your range of killer men's heels and cute embellished pumps??

Anyway, before I start ranting, I should just get to the point. I found a gorgeous pair of caged black suede slingbacks on the Dune website. The fact they were in the 50% off sale got me a little giddy and I ordered them there and then.

Here they are in all their pretty shoe glory.

They're still available on the Dune website and they're actually only £40 now too. Seems like a bargain to me because they're good quality and since they are made of suede they're really soft on your feet - no blisters from these shoes!

Here's a picture of my new surprisingly very comfy and pretty shoes, my lovely mum and I during her visit.

I'm still tired from all the late nights we had together so I'm going to wrap this post up now and get myself into bed for my much needed beauty sleep!

Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams! 


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  1. Came across your blog through your comment on Snackface! Those shoes are amazing!! Can't wait to read more of your blog. :)

  2. Thanks so much, I love them. You're my first commmenter, it made my day to know someone is actually reading this! haha. So thank you for commenting! :)


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