Megan Fox or Megan Faux Botox.

6 August 2011

Today is Saturday, boy am I happy about that!

What I'm not happy about is this old gem I came across on my computer. Eurgggh wrinkles!
The wrinkles are having a party on my forehead :'(
The Brown hair didn't get to stay long hopefully I can find a way to get rid of the lines too!

I'm sure some people reading this and looking at that photo will be wondering why I'm so bothered. I know I'm pulling a funny face but I have developed a big fear of wrinkles because they're a sign of aging. Now, I'm a big believer in the idea that if something bothers you then fix it. In this day and age cosmetic procedures are so common and easily accessible that more and more people are turning to them. One thing I was reading recently was about Megan Fox and how she took to Twitter to try and dispel rumours about having had Botox. She pulled a bunch of funny expressions to 'prove' she's not used the muscle freezing injections.

This doesn't look like a face she could pull if she currently
did have Botox but it also doesn't look like a face a normal
person can pull......hmmmm....
Megan Fox 'No Botox' Photos - looks like it hurts.

I would love to have eyebrows like this lady. Ironically
if you do want to get them you can use Botox, haha.

There's a few points I have to say on all this:
  • I think Megan Fox is beautiful, surgery or no surgery, Botox or no Botox.
  • Botox doesn't have to be used to freeze all muscles in your face/forehead - you can choose select areas - forehead, crows feet, between your eyebrows etc.
  • The effect of Botox wears off after about 3-5 months.
The main issue I have with it all though is that a simple google search will pull up plenty of evidence to suggest she's had plastic surgery on numerous areas like her nose, lips and breasts (you can check out a YouTube video about it here) but she has never admitted to anything. I can fully respect that people may not want to admit to things like that but it bugs me if they start trying to deny it. Just keep quiet, don't lie.

Megan Fox or Faux??
Before & aftter growing up or cosmetic surgery & Botox - you decide....

Many celebrities have come forward and admitted using Botox in recent years. It's almost as common as going for a facial in Hollywood so if I were Megan (yeah....a girl can dream!) I'd just admit it if I'd done it.

On the other hand if she REALLY hasn't used it I think she should be flattered that people think it looks like she has. That means she's been blessed with amazing flawless skin that's standing up to the aging process all by itself. Something I can only wish I had.


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