Practicing self control in Forever 21 and Accessorize. Plus metallic nails!

7 August 2011

So with yesterday being the first Saturday after my pay day *woooohoooooo* naturally I decided I had to buy some new things. Not that I don't buy new things during the rest of the month. It just feels necessary and justifiable to do it when you've just been paid!

So, here in Korea there aren't hundreds of shops that stock my size, everyone here is so darn petite!! You can imagine what I look like by comparison, 5'11'' and sadly NOT petite at all :'( *sob sob*

Thankfully they have H&M, Zara, Mango, and Forever 21 here so all is not lost! Actually it's not even close to lost, I LOVE all these stores! Haha! What makes me feel even better is that if I were in England I'd have to be living in Birmingham or London to experience the joy that is Forever 21. The London location only opened on the 27th of July this year.

I read an article on the Daily Mail about the 'scores of shoppers' lining up in the street to get in and it actually made me smile, a little triumphant that I've been shopping in Forever 21 happily line-less for about 2 years here! Hehe!

So here is what I picked up:

Forever 21 - Short floral dress

I love that this dress has built in moulded cups!
The dress I bought is here, it's $22.80. I can't seem to find it on the UK site only the American site, sorry :(

I also bought a scarf. Yes, yes...I know, it's summer! You don't have to tell me that, it's 32 degrees Celsius here today. It's just that I'm kind of obsessed with scarves and when it comes around to autumn I'll want a leopard one just like this and I won't be able to find it in any of the shops. So it seemed to make sense to just buy it now.

It's really light material with a ruched effect.
I actually did amazingly well not to buy a lot LOT LOT LOT more. Forever 21 is more expensive here in Korea than in the U.S. but it's still pretty damn cheap in the scheme of things. Sometimes that fact lures me into a bit of a buying frenzy. It goes like this....
I see something...'ooh that's pretty' I think...I kind of like it....I definitely don't LOVE it. 'No, it's not 'wow', I'm not getting it...I'm walking away now...but...'Oh much is it?...'It's how much??!!...'Oh what the hell, it's only blah blah £/$s' ...It's in my basket!
I'm finally at the checkout now...the shop assistant says to me: 'The total is $200 (£120)'...My face grimaces....I think to myself...'a a h ...Sh*t! I've done it AGAIN'!!
And that's how Forever 21 goes for me.  Every.  Bloody.  Time.

I actually bought the same maxi dress in two different colors a little while ago along with two maxi skirts that I've worn once. Basically the cheapness usually entirely voids me of my ability to shop discriminately. Do you see the problem I face??!
Anyway...if you're not lucky unlucky enough to live near a Forever 21 like me you can shop on their U.S. website or U.K. website. I warn you, you may spend more money than you mean to!

I also visited my favorite British export here, Accessorize! Another mistake. As the name suggests it's an accessory shop. My lack of control in Forever 21 pales into insignificance when compared with this place. It's just all so sparkly and pretty!!

Accessorize goodies!! The photo doesn't show how nicely
the crystal bracelets twinkle. Trust me though... they're so pretty
and they won't tarnish either (I HATE when that happens!)

Finally, I picked up some new nail polishes to add to my ever growing collection ~ which quite frankly is worrying! My mum said I have a nail polish hoarding problem when she visited and saw how many I have. She's probably right but I'd rather have that problem than the problem of FUGLY hands and feet!! Hehe ;)

I've been hoping to find a place that sells the Minx nails but have yet to do so. If you don't know what Minx Nails are then take a look here but I warn you it may cause serious cases of nail envy!

I think I may have to order from the Internet instead. But I did find these metallic nail polishes to use in the meantime. They create a fairly good shiny metal effect, nothing like Minx does, but it'll have to do in the meantime.

Nail polish from The Face Shop.
I bought these from a Korean store called 'The Face Shop' but I know that they're really similar to metallic polishes that brands like Orly and O.P.I make so you'll be able to find them if you do an Internet search.

Here's what the metallic rose pink looks like (on my feet though, sorry, feet are odd, I'll do finger nails in future!):
Rose pink metallic nail polish - It's no Minx but it is pretty.
Right, I'm off to find other things to spend my pay check on. Please feel free to leave a comment if you read this and follow my blog. I will happily follow you back :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!



  1. Hahah so much for self control! I can definitely relate to spending too much though, especially when i love everything i see. But shopping can honestly make any day (good or bad) soo much better. I'm in love with all your purchases! especially the sparkly nail polish and jewelry..time to go to the club...? just saying! ;)

  2. Just found your blog. Love it!


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