Blixz a lot like Minx - Metallic Nails!

23 August 2011

As you know I'd been wanting to find Minx Nails for quite a while now and stumbled across another kind called Blixz Nails in a shop here in Seoul the other day. They seemed to be the same apart from the names. Actually that's the only difference I can find. Having a slight small teeny tiny problem with decision making I ended up buying three sets! They only cost about £5.50 (just over $9) each set though...I can justify everything to myself when I want to! I thought that was actually a pretty good price, it's cheaper than I've seen Minx being sold for online anyway.

I'd been dying to get the metallic gold or silver so clearly had to buy both of those and then I thought I'd try something a little edgier and a bit different so got the leopard print. The print has a white base color with metallic silver and black leopard spots. Inside each packet there are two sets of seven nail appliques, which is 14 in total, just in case your maths is worse than mine! They look like this....

So how do you apply these kind of nails like Blixz and Minx....??

Here's my how to guide as simply as I can explain it:
  • Remove all previous nail polish
  • Gently buff the nails with a buffer or fine nail file. Just a few swipes back and forth, don't over do it as you'll weaken your nails
  • Cut one of the nail appliques off the strip (closest to the size of nail you're doing) with the backing film still attached.
  • Trim the edges of the nail applique so that it fits to the shape of your cuticle.
  • Stick it on to your nail starting at the base and smoothing it down to the tip.
  • Fold the excess over the tip of your nail.
  • Use a cotton bud or one of those rubbery cuticle pushers to smooth the applique from the centre outwards to the edges.
  • File the excess off by moving downwards across the tip of your nail. Only go one direction so that you don't pull the applique up off your nail.
  • Repeat this until all your nails are done!
It's pretty simple although does take a little while. It took me about 30 minutes however this was my first time using these and I'm also a bit of a neat freak especially when it comes to my nails!

A lot of people online suggest using a hair dryer on a low setting to make the application easier. I tried doing these with and without the heat and honestly it didn't seem to make much difference. There's nothing on the Blixz nails that suggest you should use heat. I'm not sure if the same applies to Minx though, sorry.
Blixz metallic Leopard Print nails.
Wild huh?! Ignore the really red bit round my nail...
I nearly drew blood with a stupid cuticle tool! Owwww!
At first I really wasn't too sure about these, I feel like they look a bit 'stuck on'. I trimmed the edges further away from my cuticle with one of those cuticle tools (No idea what they're actual name is!) and it looked a lot better.

I wore these for a day but then I took them off. (Side note: to remove just hold your nails under warm water for a few minutes or heat with the hair dryer then gently peel them off.) This kind of animal print, as cool as it is, somehow just didn't look right to me on my nails!

Maybe it's because it's not as sparkly as I'm used to. I've seen similar one's on other people though and always thought it looks wicked! I don't know what's wrong with me...I guess I just know what I like and have the thing's I know suit me and my style.

I'm looking forward to trying the metallic gold and silver though, I know I'll LOVE both of those.

I'm off out to get sushi with Steve now, see you later! xxx


  1. Loooove the metallic ones!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  2. Thanks guys! The metallic ones look so good on, they reflect the light really nicely, my photography doesn't really do them justice. Haha!


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