The Results - Before and after!

28 August 2011

I almost forgot to post this again. I saw the before and after picture in a file on my computer so while I still remember I'm writing this quick post to show you my results.

Well, the photo I had before wasn't too clear sadly. So here's a shot I dug out. Actually the only one I could find.

Even when I'm not doing this silly pose you can still see lines, although not so pronounced, they're enough to bug me! So here is the before and after. I've tried to take the shot in similar lighting using my phone's camera again so that it's an accurate comparison. These photos show my forehead as it is when relaxed, before and after! 

Botox before and after pictures.
Not the best before and after that's ever been taken...errrm....sorry! But I guess you get a vague idea. It's been about 3 weeks since I had it done and I can tell you that for me, it's one of the best ways I've spent my hard earned dollar. I can still move my eyebrows so it looks very natural but I can no longer create any wrinkles on my forehead by raising my eyebrows. The permanent wrinkles that were there even when my forehead was completely relaxed are now gone, it's really amazing what Botox can do!

So my experience of Botox overall has been great. The process was so quick and almost painless. There's no downtime. The only side effect I can speak of is a minor headache for the first 24 hours. And the results are exactly what I was hoping for. Plus, I'm now fine with close up pics like this...
A really large french fry and my 'smooth like a baby's bum' forehead! 
I stole it from my boyfriend, here's what I ate...

Trio of salads - Slow roasted vegetables, beetroot and walnut salad and prawns in salsa. So delicious!
See...I'm actually being good now. Since I'm adding photos, here's my outfit from today. We went to brunch, my favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning.

Accessorizing with some simple smixed metals.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. Wow i cant believe how much it can change you im deffos going to get it when i get a bit older as im only 20 now haaa i best get saving ...looks great :)

  2. Thanks so much. That was the hope!

    Yeah, 20 is still young, I'm paranoid about aging, I could probably have made it to 30 really but I believe prevention is better than cure, hehe!

    Thank you for commenting. My blog is very new still but I hope you'll keep reading and follow me if you like it :)

  3. I think all botox experiences are great if you do the treatment in the right place. When I decided to try this, I chose the best Toronto botox clinic because I knew this way I will have experienced doctors doing the procedure. botox is great is it's administrated right, and I can see that whoever did your procedure was a professional:)

  4. First of all, that FRY is absolutely huge! How did it taste? Hehe. Anyway, about your before and after pictures... they're awesome! Anyone would absolutely applaud the surgeon who was responsible for that. It's really amazing how quick procedures are done these days. They're the best prevention to aging! You've become prettier. How do you maintain it?

  5. I work for a cosmetic surgery darling and I got for the first time the other day - free! Which makes it even better, I have the same problem as you did with lines in the forehead.

    Love your blog, thank you for following mine beautiful

    Eda ♥


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