Color Blocked Nail Tutorial

21 September 2011

Hola Everyone! It's Wednesday, the weekend is in sight and I'm feeling good!

I've finally been sticking to my diet (well 90% of the time I have, that counts as sticking in my book) for the last week and a bit. Prior to that I was being great through the week and then drinking cocktails and eating away hangovers on the weekend! Needless to say that was getting me frustrated because I felt like I was on a diet but the bad weekends were putting a stop to any movement of the scale. I've lost 2lbs this last 10 days though! Yeeey! I'm hoping that's enough to get me going on the right track now. I won't say anymore because I'd rather not count my chickens before they've hatched! Haha!

As I mentioned, in my post about color blocking, I painted my nails with a color block design. Here is how it turned out.

Color blocked nails.

I think it looks cool. It's definately eye-catching, so many people have commented on them. I even got a compliment from a guy about them! When guys are noticing your nails that's really saying something!

I definitely prefer the pink and orange hand to the pink and purple. The purple turned out a bit darker than I'd wanted really. You can obviously choose any colors you'd like.

The best thing is this is very very simple to do, all you need is a few contrasting colors, nail tip guides and a top coat.

What you need to do color block nails.

Super Simple Color Block Nails - 'How To' Guide.

  • Paint your nails with your chosen base color. (For mine I used the pink) You'll probably need two coats.
  • Let that color dry really thoroughly.
  • Apply the nail tip guides to block off sections of your nails. I did mine in random sizes on each nail which makes it a lot easier than trying to make them all look perfectly even.
  • Paint the contrasting color (I chose orange on one hand and purple on the other) on to one section of the nail.
  • Allow that to dry and then remove the tip guides. Don't remove it too early or you won't get a neat line.
  • Paint a top coat over the whole nail to seal the design and finish the look.
Don't you love how simple that is?! It really is such an easy nail design to do, you don't need any real skills for this one. I will be doing it again soon in other color combinations, I'm thinking of doing pale turquoise with hot pink first.

Color block nails - hot pink and orange.

Color blocking with hot pink and purple nail polish.

Right now I'm going out shopping with my friend. We're heading out to check out the Autumn lines. I love dressing for Fall, I think it's when I look best. Cardigans, jackets, layering, pretty scarves! There's just so much to love. I'm going with the intention of not spending much money though because I'm supposed to be saving right now (and I also own an abundance of all the above mentioned items, some of which have barely been worn). Let's see how that goes....

Have a great day!


  1. I like the fact that every nail is different, takes off the stress of trying to be perfect :)

  2. very nice, like it. right now I have some orange mani, I'd try to do this :)


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