Vogue Fashion's Night Out - Seoul, Korea

24 September 2011

I've been so busy this week with one thing and another. I'm so happy that amongst other things I got to go shopping on Vogue Fashion's Night Out. The night was held here in Seoul on Wednesday 21st September.

The first ever Fashion's Night Out happened in New York in 2009. When the financial crisis hit people stopped spending money on luxury purchases. The fashion and retail industries were obviously struggling to stay afloat. So Vogue and a few of their friends put together the concept of one night only where champagne flowed freely and shoppers could be privy to great deals and discounts on designer items. Not only that it's also possible to get real life glimpses of celebrities turning out to these events. I know I would go just for a sighting of Lady Gaga or Mary-Kate Olsen! Haha! The idea in essence is that it's a celebration of shopping to remind people just how fabulous things really are and how terrific it feels to buy them.

This year Vogue's Fashion's Night Out has been held in 16 countries around the world from my home country England to Russia, from Turkey to Korea!

It just so happens that I live a short cab ride from the main shopping district of Seoul, Myeongdong, where the event was happening. It also just so happened that a lovely friend of mine and I were planning to do a bit of retail therapy.

The lovely friend.
I somehow managed to exercise some self control and didn't buy a lot. I walked away with a new coat and a very fall-esque gold dream catcher style necklace with tan feathers. It could have been much worse if only some of the stores here stocked my shoe size. I was in the market for some boots and a pair of new flats. I saw several of these that I loved but they all came up one size short of my size. Before you go thinking I have freaky feet I'd like to say I'm only a UK 7.5 but Koreans are generally much smaller! So I mainly spent the evening browsing the stores and sipping Champagne.

Vogue Fashion's Night Out. Seoul. September 21.

Oh and avoiding photographers! If I hadn't gone there straight from work I might have felt more confident under the glare of their HUGGGGGEE lenses. I think they got a few cheeky shots anyway, if felt like they were lurking everywhere ready to pounce and get the shot. If you look at this pic you'll see what I mean, they weren't shy!

Photographers getting up close and personal @ Vogue Fashion's Night Out.

The shops were pretty jam packed and I saw a lot of outfits I loved. There were two girls who really stood out to me though. These were my favourite outfits of the night!

Favourite outfits @ Vogue Fashion's Night Out.
The two girl's worked in the fashion industry so clearly that explains just how chic their looks are. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself to make me feel better about not looking like this! I loved both of these looks. The left girl's outfit stood out from the crowd the most because of the colors. The pink skirt is from the current season at Zara. Her clutch is by Marc Jacobs and honestly was to die for! The girl on the right was also wearing a skirt by Zara. Her jacket was from a Korean retailer.

All in all it was a fun night and I wouldn't mind sipping champagne every time I shop. I'll certainly miss it the next time I'm shopping. I think the night definitely does what Vogue intends, reminds you of the joy and fabulousness in shopping. A dangerous thing if you ask me!


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  1. So jealous sounds amazing and looks so much fun!!


  2. Wow, looks like you had a great time - I missed FNO this year because I was in the process of moving, so I'm quite jealous :) xx

  3. It was really fun. I just wish that it happened more than once a year! I could so get used to champagne and shopping together.


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