Lust Haves: Luxe Glam Rock Look

29 September 2011

Hi Folks!

Hows your week going? We're approaching the end and I don't know about you but my week feels like it's flown past. Why is it that some weeks are agonisingly slow and others pass in the blink of an eye?

So what have I been up to apart from the mundane? Well yesterday evening I indulged in a little internet shopping and a lot of internet window shopping. Below is the stuff I bought and the stuff I'm lusting after.
Sadly I only bought three of the eleven items. (Gosh that ratio sucks!) I'd love to say it was the Burberry leather jacket coming in at just over one and a half thousand dollars or the Alexander McQueen Scarf but sadly I'm not rolling in it. So the quite-a-bit-cheaper leather jacket I already own will have to do. I also already own a ridiculously large scarf collection so really I don't need any more. Umm...yeah....I don't...I'm sure I have loads just as pretty as this. Yeah. Right! *sob sob*

Luxe Glam Rock

ASOS graphic tee
$33 -                                        

I bought this!

Burberry Brit biker jacket                        
$1,695 -                                           

 I did not cannot buy this! :'(

£14 -                            

 Have lots. Everyone needs several pairs of leggings. They are possibly the comfiest things in the world that you can wear outside your own house!


Carvela black flat boots                         
£120 -                   

Bought these, finally! Wanted them a looong time ago but they were sold out!

ASOS satchel handbag                         
$37 -                                         

I bought this. I'm not sure if I'll love it or hate it. I will have to see what it's like in the flesh. I'm like a magpie, the metallic caught my eye!                                                    

Mango stone ring                                 
£23 -  

I want this and may well get it. If only everything else was so in budget!


Michael Kors Watches gold watch    
$328 -                       

I reaaaally want this. Really, really...but.... I may not buy it because it's very similar to a more expensive watch I already have. So buying it would be excessive and silly. Right?!!


Chanel bangle bracelet                                         


I have no words. Okay, that's a lie. I do. One day this will be mine! L.O.V.E!


Vita Fede wrap bracelet                        
£192 -                                   

I like leather wrap bracelets with gold detail, they always look really casual but still chic. I probably wouldn't spend this much for one though since you can find very similar looking ones in high street stores.


Alexander McQueen silk scarve      
$595 -                    

 Ahhh it's just too pretty. I want. I want. I want. You know what they say though....I want never gets! 
*cries again*


Bajra oversized scarve                        
$298 -                     

I'd settle for this scarf though because the colors are so pretty together but really I'd still be thinking of the one above!

Oh to be rich! It would only last about a week with the way I can fall in love but boy that week would be so fun!

I'm going to wear the items I bought with things I own already that are very similar to those in the picture, minus the name brands and mean price tags basically.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, which is your favorite piece?

Oh and in case you don't already know ASOS, where I got the t-shirt and bag from, currently has a special 50% sale on. It's only for 48 hours and sadly doesn't include everything but it's finishing Friday morning at 8am. So you better move fast if you want to grab some bargains. They're also offering free international shipping at the moment, awesome if you live outside of England, like me!

That's all for now folks!



  1. Hello!
    I know what you mean. Sometimes time is slow and sometimes it's super fast lol. Crazy life!

    These are all great stuff. I feel ya. I want so many things too, but not all are affordable. It blows, but at least you can always look for cute counterparts.

    I agree with you. Leggings are so comfortable. I seriously live in them during winter. <3

    P.S. Gossip Girl is amazing. The new season is the best yet. You NEED to watch it online!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee


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