Saturday Night is Date Night

2 October 2011

It's not often that I walk in to a store and HAVE to buy something because I really L.O.V.E it. Yeah don't get me wrong, I feel like I have to have a lot of things I buy because I think I love them. But L.O.V.E kind of love doesn't hit me often. 

When I was shopping recently I walked into H&M and there on the mannequin in the center of the store I saw my new cardigan/shrug/wrap. Not too sure what it is actually but here it is on me anyway!

OOTD - Outfit Of The Day Date
So with a reservation, made by my lovely boyfriend, for one of my favorite restaurants I figured what better time for it (let's call it a cardiwrap for the sake of this post) to make it's debut. I paired the cardiwrap with a simple t-shirt, skinny jeans, caged back slingbacks, my favorite oversize black Bally bag and of course accessorized with some girliness. Girliness in this case was a black ruffle hairband, assorted gold and black bangles and bracelets and my gold Vivienne Westwood pendant.
Trying my best to look like a fashionista! Pahaha.

I like this look a lot. It was perfect for a chilly Autumn night out. It was casual enough for dinner but still glam enough for a bar afterwards.

Absolute best thing about the outfit: It hides a multitude of sins. Namely in my case my bum and tummy.

Translation: I could eat lots of yummy food and it didn't matter if my skinny jeans ended up a tad too tight!

So with the security blanket of my literally blanket like 'cardiwrap' I indulged in lots of delicious Saturday night eats and drinks. Yes, the diet is still on! Actually I lost another pound this last week. But I know from personal experience that a cheat day once a week can be beneficial to your metabolism and mental state. You just have to make sure once a week doesn't turn into twice and then three and four! Which I've also learned from personal experience. Haha!

Prawn, potato, artichoke and sun-dried tomato salad to start - not too naughty and very tasty.
In Korea the custom is to share food in the middle of the table and serve what you'd like onto your individual plate. I can't remember the last time I ate my own individual meal here. I prefer it this way now because you get to eat more variety, which I love!

Ruccola and Prosciutto Pizza - My fav pizza topping.
Lobster and lemon zuchini risotto! So so delicious!
My date for the night <3
'Coral Melon' Estee Lauder Lipstick on Moi who is getting a little giddy and silly on Champagne. Can't you tell?
Make up wise I'm wearing my usual Saturday night face - meaning mostly MAC. Studio Fix foundation in NC 25 and on my cheeks I used my favorite Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Northern Light'.

The only thing that isn't MAC is my lip color which is Estee Lauder All-Day Lipstick in 'Coral Melon'.
Can you now?
Once you've drunk a bottle you can hardly head home and call it a night so we took a walk to one of our favorite bars nearby for a few after dinner cocktails.

Cafe Seventy Four - Cheongdam, Seoul.
If you look closely you can see the bartender doing the peace sign for my benefit when he spotted me snapping. I told you the Korean people love to pose. That's the standard one. If you didn't read the post and see my posing pics then have a look here.

I drank cosmos. <3

The boyfriend favored a less feminine drink choice for once. His favorite drink is a June Bug. Don't tell him I told you!

Giddier with the pretty light display made of bottles of water.

The bottles are filled and stuck in the wall at their cap side and lit up from behind. Looks amazing don't you think?!

Upon leaving I saw this sign outside the bar's entrance...

 It's seems kind of ironic to see this sign at a bar. More so that I should see it when leaving. When I've already drunk several cocktails thereby guaranteeing a not so fresh morning at all.

Perhaps ironic is exactly what they're trying to be though.

So what did you do this Saturday night and did you have a 'fresh' morning or not?



  1. Love the whole look esp. that Bally bag. Absolutely fab blog,you've got here. Following!!

  2. Yeah I'm not getting the whole ugly duckling thing... I think you are gorg! New follower!

  3. you are beautiful!!! love your cardigan/shawl & the food looks delicious. xx

  4. hello lovely lady... just passing by your blog and not sure what I like more your ... Outfit... your watch lol or the food!!! ha! I love the caged heels you are wearing here the outfit is so KK!!! LOVE it!
    I am now following ya!

    I invite you to check out my blog Hope to see you there hun!


  5. Love your outfit. You look beautiful, food and drinks look so yummy...looks like a perfect date night!

  6. Thank you lovely ladies! Glad you like the look. It's a new fav of mine. Shouldn't wear it too much though, it seems to encourage me to eat and drink more than I should! haha!

    @Jamie - That's so nice of you to say. If you want you can read my 'about' section on the page tabs for a small explanation of my blog name.


  7. I love your date outfit! :D
    Your cardiwrap is fab. This outfit is definitely perfect. It's comfy, but still chic. You look so pretty!

    Yum! I want to try the prawns hehe. I also love your lipstick.

    The bottle light display is genius. <3

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  8. Ah I just ordered this 'cardiwrap' online, I won't tell you what price it's in the sale at!! It looks lovely on you, I feel reassured now as I was worried it was gonna be horrible & I was lured by the price!!xx


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