Mostly MAC for a Sat!

6 September 2011

Woah! So today is Tuesday here and I've only really just started to feel normal again after Saturday night. I think I had one too many drinks and about one seven too little hours of sleep. Now that I'm...*gulp*...25 I can't really do that kind of thing every weekend and I reaaally can't bare to wreak havoc on my skin like that too often. But you know what, it was worth it this weekend. It was one of my friends' birthdays so had to be done all in the name of friendship, you know. Had to be!

We went to dinner and then on to a bar followed by not one but two clubs, yeah that's right TWO clubs, because I'm hardcore like that! No, actually I'm not. Not at all. In fact I've actually managed to pick up a cold at the moment and I'm fully blaming Saturday!

I got home around 5.30am so it serves me right I guess!

Here's a snap of my make-up for the night....

Wearing mostly MAC because if you want staying power I can recommend no other brand! Seriously my face looked almost the same when I woke up on Sunday Morning (Errrm, yes, I didn't take my make-up off, ssshhhhh don't tell anyone!)

On my Face.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - 'NC25'.
MAC Bronzing Powder - 'Refined Golden'.


MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush - 'Peachy Keen'.
Cheekbones & brow highlights - Benefit 'Moonbeam'.

On my eyes.

Base colour - MAC Pigment - 'Jigs & Jive'.
Around eye/eyelid crease - MAC Pigment - 'Dark Soul'.
Highlights/corner of eye - MAC Pigment - 'Naked' - MAC Eyeshadow - 'Gleem'.
MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner - 'On The Hunt'


MAC Eyebrows Crayon/Pencil - 'Fling'.


Eylure Naturalites False Lashes - 'Glamour 110'
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara - 'Zoom Black'.


Above picture - MAC Lip conditioner - 'Petting Pink'
Later pictures - MAC Amplified Lipstick - 'Saint Germain'  with a slick of MAC Lip conditioner in 'Fuschia Fix' for glossiness!

Enough of my face, now as promised, here are some pictures of the night...

At dinner. I felt so proud of myself when I managed not to order a creamy risotto. Instead I chose a Niçoise salad made with seared tuna and quail eggs.

 It was delicious but I could have happily eaten four!

After dinner we headed to a nearby bar for cocktails. The birthday girl is on the right, I loved the sequined shirt she wore, she looked dazzling, literally and metaphorically speaking! And those hot pink novelty happy birthday sunglasses were just the perfect accessory! Hehe.

But in particular I'd like to draw attention to the lady on the front left, she's my co-worker and friend. If there's one thing I can tell you about most Koreans it's that they love to pose. The above pose is the most standard pose that you'll see all the girls and guys pulling out for pics here.

I like to mock my Korean friends, all in good humor of course!

I don't know why it's so funny...just because I'm not Korean!

Taking things one step further with a cheeky wink thrown in for good measure. This is just one of the many poses I have honed in my last two years in Korea. Putting my time here to such good use!

Most of the night I was drinking Long Island Iced Teas, my posing went downhill after the first two, man those drinks are strong. Do the trick though! On a dieting side-note: Don't check the calories in these if you are supposed to be doing just that (dieting) and want to fully enjoy them.

And so that was my night. Well actually it wasn't there was quite a bit more after that but I'm not going to post pics from later on because quite frankly, things got a tad messier and I don't want to embarrass my friends or myself for that matter.

How was your weekend anyway? Great I hope! ^-^
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  1. Great photos. Love your hair and makeup. x

  2. Looks like a fun night! Xx

  3. Thanks for reading :)

    And thank you for the compliment Katie!


  4. You look beautiful! I love your blog. I am trying to catch up a bit now =) Just curious how you came up with the name ugly duckling because you are faaaar from that!!!

  5. Aw thank you so much :)

    Mainly I called my blog ugly duckling because I've always liked that story and this blog is a lot about me trying to be the swan not the ugly duckling. You can see a better explanation if you read the 'about' tab at the top of the page though.

    Glad you like my blog, hope you'll keep reading!



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