Stress relief.

3 September 2011

Another week has passed. I didn't mean to post so little this week but it seems that time got away from me. Earlier in the week I wrote about my 'Terrible Tuesday'. Because of that and because he's also lovely my boyfriend thought it would be nice to take me for a picnic by the river here in Seoul. He figured some vitamin D and fresh air (we live in a city of over 10 million people) might help cheer me up. I'm pleased to say he was right and the week has picked up a lot since then!

Casual and comfortable. Cream vest-H&M. Floral cream trimmed top-Forever 21. Denim skirt-Diesel.

Heart clasp bracelet-Boutique in Seoul. Tasseled crystal bracelet-Accessorize. Watch-Rolex. Assorted Bracelets-H&M

The lovely man with the plan!
The grateful and now happier lady.

We ate our picnic laid on the grass watching the people go by. We stayed until the sun disappeared behind the city horizon. Sometimes I feel like I never switch off except for when I sleep. Internet, blogging, TV, phone, working, you know how it is. It was nice just to be still and quiet for a while.

Afterwards Steve drove us to Starbucks for a coffee hit. On the way we stopped and picked up one of my all-time favourite naughty treats, a cupcake!  I guess Steve deemed it acceptable to be the enabler given my stressful week. They might not be healthy diet friendly food but boy they sure do make me happy!!

Non-fat latte with full fat cupcake. Haha!

'Funky Berry' cupcake.

Sadly for me the deal was I had to share the cupcake with Steve to save myself from the full calorie whack! At least now my sweet cravings have been satiated for a while. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

So all in all it was a beautiful afternoon, a pleasant interlude during the weekly rat race.

It really helped me relax and step back from everything for long enough to realize that I have no real reason for getting stressed, it does no good. In fact I highly recommend you switch off you're computer now and go do something to help yourself relax and tune out. If you're feeling really stressed treat yourself to a little (yes, little..not a lot) of whatever makes you smile. It will work wonders.

Actually, I think on that note I'm going to switch off now. Don't worry I'll be back to share more soon. I'm going out tonight for my friends birthday. So excited to get dressed up. Pictures will follow soon I'm sure!

Have a lovely relaxing weekend and make sure you go make the most of it!


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  1. Thats so cute great pics and i am sure the cupcake was worth it as it looks delish haha :)


  2. I love your wrist accessories. x

  3. Thanks guys!

    And yes the cupcake was so worth it! I could never give up cupcakes.


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