Confessions of a Leggingaholic.

13 October 2011

When you've been wearing leggings every single day for about two weeks straight you know you've got a problem.

I've been rotating three black pairs, a dark blue pair and some khaki ones. It's not been the same pair the whole time, don't worry. It's not a hygiene kinda problem.

The problem is, every morning as I sit on my bed staring at the bulging contents of my wardrobes, all I can think is 'I wanna wear leggings, they're just so damn comfy!!'.

Today I put on a pair of jeans only to remove them as quickly as they'd gone on. Although I've lost a few pounds recently they felt like the tightest things in the world. They're so restricting, digging in on your hips and exposing way too much at the back when you sit down. Leggings would never do that to you.

It doesn't end there, several times through the day, as I realize the true state of heaven my legs are in, my mind drifts to thinking about just how grateful I am for my leggings. I start thinking about how I can get more. I think about colors. I think about what I could pair with grey ones. I think about whether I could rock a pair of red ones. Or snakeskin effect. Or a texture. I think about lace leggings as a glammed up version so I can wear them out at night.

I don't just want more leggings, I need them.

This morning as I slid my legs into my cozy familiar oh-so-comfortable friends I thought to myself....

'How and why the hell does anyone wear anything but the incredible, stretchy, flexible, forgiving, second skin that are leggings?!!'

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

My names Amelia and I'm a leggingaholic.


  1. they are so comfy and cute whats not to love!? I used to only wear leggings when I was younger. Don't wear them as much now but when I do I feel super comfy!

  2. Yep, jeans, sure, can be uncomfortable sometimes but whenever I've tried leggings in the past, I can't seem to pull them off. Maybe it is time to try again. You make them sound so wearable!

  3. I agree with essjay23x... you do make them sound so wearable...

  4. so true about leggings, they are so much more forgiving than jeans! I like your legging options in the blog too. They are so pretty and versatile.

  5. Essjay23x you should definitely try again! I think as long as you wear leggings with an oversized tee or mini-dress then they look good on just about anyone.

    What I do not think looks good is when people wear them and you can see they're butt. Some people seem to forget that while leggings are fantastic they can not entirely replace pants :/

    Thanks for the comments lovely ladies! :D

  6. I can't even remember last time I wore trousers ! It must have been when all my leggings were in the washing ! I live in these and only wear trousers like once per month !

    xxx Vee

  7. Hi Amelia! I totally agree with you! I'm loving the dressed up look with the lace leggings above. I don't think I'll be pulling on my jeans anytime soon! Thanks for checking out my blog xx

  8. Hi Amelia, I'm so glad it's not just me that loves to wear leggings! I'm loving the lace leggings above for a night out. I'll be posting all my favourites looks on my blog soon, thanks for reading. Much love xxx


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