Royal Cupcakes, Cheongdam, Seoul.

20 October 2011

Yesterday my boyfriend and I swung by THE best cupcake place in Seoul, Royal Cupcakes. It's located on one of the quiet and charming side streets of Cheongdam-dong. Trust me when I tell you these are the best in Seoul; they're soft, moist and all-american style (no whipped cream here, just all pure sugary, buttery frosting), and I would know a good cupcakes when I find one, believe me! Eating cupcakes is something I love to do - It's just another of the big kid things about me.

While out for cupcakes I was telling my boyfriend what I'd really like for my upcoming birthday is to be able to have a tea party! I'd serve cupcakes (of course!), cheese on cocktail sticks (that's a British thing), triangle sandwiches, plates and plates of crisps, cookies and so many sweeties. There would be brightly colored balloons everywhere.

But since I'm a grown up, living in South Korea as an expat it's just not feasible. I can't invite all the people I know - my friends are now dotted around the world. I won't receive any totally pointless, but amazingly fun presents either. I'll probably never receive a gift in a gigantic box again.


Oh, to be a kid again. How fun it'd be!

So, I guess that's a clue as to why I love cupcakes so much. They take me back and give me comfort from the pangs of nostalgia I get for that time when everything was so simple and easy.

I wore: Dusty Pink and Black.
I didn't try to coordinate my cupcakes with my outfit, it just happened.
The most beautiful coffee I've ever drunk.
Blazer - ASOS. Pink and Black Polka Dot Cami Top - H&M. Watch - Rolex.
Dusty Pink Handbag - H&M


Feather Necklace - Accessorize. Short Gold Necklace with Diamond Loops - Mini Gold.

UPDATE: Sorry to break it to you, but Royal Cupcake is now closed. 

*sob sob*


  1. I love the outfit. The coffee is soo cool.

    Awh man. your idea for your bday sounds awesome...You should do it. lol

  2. I so know what your saying. I am almost 30 and wondering where the years went! I say do you idea for your birthday. Who cares what people think. I for awhile stopped doing birthday party's and stuff because of feeling like I need to be more "grown up" but tossed that out the window. I want to have fun while I am around and do what I want. Even if it means doing silly things we only think that kids would do. I now do themed b day party's where we all dress up and started throwing Halloween parties so all of us adults could start dressing up again. Kids shouldn't have all the fun right?!

  3. You guys are right. I really should do it. Don't know how I'll get around living in Seoul in South Korea and most of my friends being back home in England though. Might have to be a small affair or perhaps wait until next year! haha.

    Thanks for the comments ladies! <3


  4. Those cupcakes look delish!
    Loving your outfit, you're gorgeous lady!

  5. I really like your style xx


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