I Wore: Comfortable and Concealed in Leopard and Leggings.

29 December 2011

I thought that with the passing of Christmas I would finally have a bit more time on my hands. I was wrong. Once again I find myself struggling to fit everything in to one day. Last night my family and I took a trip to see a Pantomime, a Christmassy type of tradition for lots of English people.

There was one small problem with the plan though, I've eaten and drunk SO much for the last few days I couldn't face the thought of getting dressed in anything tight or fitted! Honestly, at this point in time I couldn't care less if I never ever saw a chocolate truffle or glass of champagne again. Okay, the champagne maybe but the chocolate, eurrrgh, I feel sick just thinking about it.

There's only one answer in my hard in times like these:


Yes, they are my savior when times get hard or heavier should I say. They may not be the epitome of style but they are great for times like these. It was also the perfect opportunity to get another wear out of my oversized jumper dress too. Pure cosy, comfortable, concealed delight!

Jumper Dress - H&M. Handbag - Bally
If I'm wearing a plain outfit I like to add a printed scarf for a bit more interest. I started tying my scarves in a bow a few years ago. I think it looks girly and cute, like a teddy bear. Perhaps I'm deluded but either way it adds more interest. Along with a nice sparkly bracelet stack!
Leopard print scarf - H&M. Watch - Rolex. Assorted bracelets - Accessorize.
Lipstick colour - MAC 'Angel'

At the Panto! :)
Still in the Christmas spirit.

Tonight I'm out yet again and yet again I'm wearing leggings. Ha! Oh Christmas time I love you but I'm glad you're almost over!

Are you glad Christmas is over? What do you turn to in your wardrobe when you feel like you've maybe had one too many chocolates?



  1. you look beautiful and cozy ;-)

  2. You look amazing! For me it is treggings that I turn too. A wee bit thicker than leggings which is great for the cold Scottish weather haha :) xx

  3. I'm also a big fan of wearing scarves to spice up an outfit. I never thought about wearing it as a bow though!

  4. Leggings may not ne the epitome of fashion... but I sure do love them! The scarf is the perfect touch :)

  5. This outfit looks so comfy but still stylish! Love how you tied the scarf, what a great idea!

  6. Love this! Especially the giant bow that is the scarf. You look lovely and what a nice back drop!

  7. Great pictures!! I love it!!!

  8. I love the big cozy sweaters! The one you are wearing is fabulous with the leopard scarf!

    Love & lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  9. Love the jumper and you rolex! Love this high low style, and the bag is also gorgeous! I am more in a new years eve mood than in a Xmas. xx

  10. hahahaha omg i laughed
    at this post because
    leggings are my savior
    when i am bloated to the max!

    ahaha love ya!

    Melina ♥

  11. what a cute outfit!:) how did you do that bow with the scarf?


  12. you look really really cute! i love the outfit. although, i'm kind of sad to see Christmas go. i'm already anxious for next Christmas. that's how much i love it. Haha. we all have those times when we feel like nothing fits, so during those days, i usually go for black skinnies an chunky oversized knit sweater and a scarf. definitely like your outfit! i usually stay away from leggings when i have those days just because it makes me feel exposed. i have no idea why.


  13. The scarf looks fantastic! I only know one way to wear a scarf so I'm happy to have found another cute way! thx :)

    xo Stephanie
    honey&silk blog

  14. I love your outfit! this is how I look almost everyday, haha.

  15. You look great! Love the scarf!

  16. I think I'll have to be wearing leggings too for the same reasons!! Love the scarf and how you wore it, super cute!

  17. Beautiful scarf! I've just misplaced my leggings, and I'm going crazy without them :(
    xo Jac

  18. You look so so cute. :)

  19. I adore thios look! It's so effortessly stylish and you do look really comfy, all at the same time!

    -LAURA xx

  20. girl I love your blog!

    Like this look a lot!

    Started to follow you through Bloglovin.

    Love, Wieneke / Fashion Cranberry

    from the Netherlands.

  21. I love this casual yet very stylish outfit. Leopard print solves everything when you've had too many Christmas chocolates.

    xo L.

  22. great outfit. loving the sweater!

  23. love the scarf, i just posted one like it!



  24. Thank you for all your comments once again ladies. I really love reading them.

    @Nee, I just tie it like a regular bow, takes a little practice to get it even but it's easy once you know how!

    @Carrie, I know what you mean about feeling a bit exposed. I only wear leaggings with long tops or dresses. I don't think they should ever be confused with pants! Haha.

    Stop by to say hey again soon everyone!


  25. Gorgeous outfit, & I love the way you tied your scarf!

    Shore XX

  26. Amelia ... your blog may just be my new favorite. A girl with enough confidence to wear an fabulous leopard scarf?! She must be awesome. Definite follow. Woo!

  27. Aw, you are totally gorgeous!
    Haha, and yes, leggings are a girl's best friend on "heavier" days. Love the scarf! It makes your laid back look so much more special. Especially with the way you tied it. :) Very cute


  28. wow, love that scarf! you look so nice xoxo

  29. Haha, love your blog. I'm subscribing! :) you're really pretty btw!


  30. I do the same thing with my scarves! Unless I'm using them to actually stay warm. I share the same love of leggings, for the same reason! Happy New Year!


  31. I love the "or when things get heavier" BEEN there and threw on a pair!

    Found your blog through Isabel Velaquez & am now following you!

  32. I like how you tied your scarf! :)


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