Last Minute New Years Eve Inspiration!

30 December 2011

Sequin dresses

2012 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well, very very nearly! I've spent my day browsing the Internet for outfit inspiration. As a New Year's Eve rule I always opt for glitzy glamorous dresses. A little black dress is fine but I love a touch of sequin embellishment or a fully sequinned dress. It's New Years so anything goes! You can apply the same rule to footwear too, bring out the glittery heels and plenty of shiny accessories. If you can't wear sequins and glitter now then when can you?! 

There's still just enough time to place an order with next day delivery via ASOS. They have some really cute sequin dresses, like the ones above, all perfect for NYE! Hurry!

After sussing out the clothes I then went on to browse for make up inspiration. Of course what better place than Pinterest to find some ideas this year?!

                                                                   Source: via Amelia on Pinterest

                                                                  Source: via Amelia on Pinterest

                                                                         Source: Uploaded by user via Amelia on Pinterest

Source: via Amelia on Pinterest
A lot of sparkle right there, huh!! 

When it's New Year I seriously don't believe you can really over do the sparkles. Okay, that's a tad wrong. Maybe glittery body lotion is a bit 1999 but generally speaking it's the one night of the year where you can basically get away with as much glitter as you like!

Mind you, I don't fancy my chances at re-creating many of the looks above. I also don't know how practical it would be to do your lips like the last picture (I imagine it would make for re-application nightmares) but doesn't it look pretty. You'd always know which champagne glass was yours too!

So...what are you doing to celebrate tomorrow and what will you be wearing?



  1. I love that first dress!! We're off to a Hollywood theme party at a friend's - I'm going as a bit of pavement ;)

    Emma xx

  2. i love it all! everything glitter and sparkles is for me ;-)

  3. omg i beyond obsessed with glitters
    i love this post! i am loving the
    make up picture number one!
    that is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee ♥

    i hope you have a wonderful
    weekend and HAPPY NEW YEARS love ♥

    Melina ♥

  4. LOVE IT!!

  5. Agreed! NEWYEARS is the one single night you can dazzle, shine, and sparkle yourself as much as you want and have ZERO shame!

    Do it up girl! I want to see some party pictures and what your final outfit choice!

    Have a fantastic new year!!

    Love always!!

  6. I LOVE that middle dress. So fun!

  7. Great choice of dresses and the makeup is beautiful!

  8. das in der mitte & links! LOVE
    xx the cookies
    wish you an amazing new years eve!
    share the feeling

  9. All of that glitter makeup is so much fun!

    I won't be doing much, but I've got a black ruffled cocktail dress dress and cute headband hat planned to wear if I do get a chance to go somewhere.

    Have a happy and safe New Year!

  10. Yesss new years is perfect for sequins!

  11. Happy New Year to you all too!

    Glad I've provided a bit of NYE inspiration or at least pretty pictures for you all to look at. haha!

    @Gawgus Things, That's such a good idea for a party. Your outfit sounds funny!

    @CottonCandyINK and Melu103, I love glitter and sparkles too! As you guys will have seen by now I know!

    I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year whatever you're doing!

    Amelia xxx

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  13. Great inspirational pics ! I am gonna wear a dress from alice+olivia on new year's eve, with metallic shines fabric ! I love those make up pics you posted ! I am a new follower on google friend connect, I'd love it if you liked my blog too!
    Best wishes for 2012 !!! kISSES

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  14. Love all the glitter! I would wear that year round if I could.

  15. I love that third dress, I agree sequins is a definite must for the new year party. My boyfriend is throwing a party at his place but I'm still dressing up :) Hope you have a happy new year.

    xo erica

  16. the eye makeup is amazing! I love the dresses too


  17. I love that first dress and those makeup looks make for gorgeous pics but not sure how practical they are. Haha. Looks stunning though. :) x

  18. hey just got your comment on my blog :) love your blog its so welcoming and cute so im defo your new fallower :) got ya on twitter as well doll :)

    happy new year!

  19. the dresses are really amazing, thanks for sharing!!

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, yours is great too! Im following, come follow me back if you want :)


  20. Ooooo! All of those are gorgeous looks. I love sparkly stuff!!!

  21. the middle dress for me! and i did a glitter eye tutorial on my blog/pinterest

  22. Hi there! I love your blog a lot! Just wanted to let you know that I have given you the "Kreativ Blogger Award". I don't know if you have received it or if you care for them, but there it is :P Have a great day!

  23. love SPARKLE. complete magpie! those eye make up looks are stunning... I will be posting something similar very soon! xx

    please visit - i'm a newbie blogger! xx

  24. OH MY... the 2nd picture of the glitter makeup is AMAZING... it just hit me like BAM
    i swear my heart skipped a beat when i saw it


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