I Wore: A 'Schoodie', La Mer Wrap Watch & Leopard Print Nail Art

4 December 2011

After a productive Saturday packing up the apartment we decided to fit in a spot of Christmas shopping  today. It's icy cold here at the moment so all hopes of looking chic go out the window, unless you're prepared to freeze. I prefer not to, so when the weather is like this I like to wrap up in cosy cute knits instead. This scarf is a favourite of mine, well actually I think the official term is 'schoodie' since it's a scarf and a hood combined. Either way I love it because it's so warm and wintery.

Jumping shot - FAIL. I learned today that I suck at jumping.

I paired my schoodie with a cream jacket from F21, simple black tights and skirt combo and my tasselled boots. I even found time to coordinate my nails. I did a metallic gold polish with a leopard print design on my ring finger. You can see how to do leopard print nail art in a post I did - here. This week my boyfriend surprised me with a late birthday present a La Mer wrap watch! I love it. You might remember I wrote a post about them a while back. He'd actually ordered it about three weeks ago but their service is shockingly slow. If you plan on ordering one as a gift for anyone I'd recommend you do it now. It's a lovely watch though and goes great with loads of my outfits.

La Mer black studded wrap watch & leopard print ring finger nail art design.
Seoul's main shopping district - Myeongdong. Do you still think it's busy where you shop?!
Christmas shopping, complete with the Starbucks red cup and some festive decorations.
The Christmas haul & me wishing you a (very early) happy New Year!

I managed to pick up lots of nice gifts for friends and family. I purchased a couple of little things for myself too (and something extra special that will be getting it's own post later). I haven't even made a start on packing my clothes and accessories away yet and instead I'm adding to the collection, ooops!

So what did you get up to this weekend? Have you begun your Christmas shopping yet?



  1. i love these photos, you look so happy! love the watch, and the jacket.

    its always nice to buy something for yourself ;-)

  2. Your watch looks so nice! I love watches that are a bit quirky like that.

    Loving your nail polish too

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  3. aww you look adorable :) the scarf is so cute, and I love the watch ***


  4. Those pictures look so festive love the outfit x


  5. I saw that watch today in ASOS and the first thing I said was: I NEED IT! xx

  6. FANTASTIC !!!!!!!


  7. I love the scarf and your watch

  8. You got a Le Mer watch, yay! If they're on Asos, I might have a look there. If I order something, I tend to want it quite quick. Great photos again, you always look so happy :)

  9. Oh, man! I've been dying for one of those watches! They're the cutest! And I love your 3rd "jumping" picture... it's adorable!

  10. You look so beautiful, especially ur outfind and I love all the photos. U should stop calling ur self the ugly ducking and call urself the beautiful swan insted :)

  11. Haha I suck at jumping too. Don't worry. I love that schoodie thing! I've never seen one before!

  12. @CottonCandyINK, I was happy, all that shopping will do that to me! haha.

    @AllieUK, Yeah I love it, when I first saw it a month or so ago I knew one day I'd have to have it. The nail polish is one of my favs too!

    @Mariana, Thank you! It is cute, isn't it!

    @Lolita, I was hoping they'd convey the festive feeling of my day, glad they did.

    @Marian, I didn't know the watch was on ASOS. Guess everyone will end up with it now, it's so nice though I don't blame them! haha :)

    @SweeT_love, thanks! Glad you like!

    @Funmilayo I. Thank you, me too :)

    @Essjay23x, It is yay, I really wanted one so badly! An earlier commenter said they are on ASOS yes. Took a look and they have 4. one is a very very similar one to mine but the studs are a burnished gold rather than bright gold. You could always use shopbop to order, they're usually quick and have more to choose from than ASOS. I have one of those refer a friend links, so if you do buy something you'll help get me credit on their site (I can always use extra credit, hehe)...

    @Alyx, Aw thanks, I think I just look a bit dorky. I can't believe how bad I am at jumping!

    @Khloegold, Thank you, that's so nice of you to say. Actually my blog isn't really called Ugly duckling because I think I'm ugly or anything like that. It's more in relation to the story of becoming beautiful and the idea of transformations. You can read my explanation in the about tab at the top of the page if you would like to know more. I keep getting a lot of people mentioning my blog name though, perhaps I do need to change it, I think it's too misunderstood.

    @Marisa A, happy I'm not the only one. The schoodie is sooo cozy, I definitely recommend you get one!

    @Girlie Blogger, yep, I'm way too busy these days! So much to do, so little time. Glad you like the scarf! :)


  13. @Essjay23x, Don't get a La Mer via ASOS if you do get one. I just thought I'd check for mine on shopbop. Its the exact same watch as mine and is half the cost of what it is on ASOS. it's £125 on Asos and £65 on Shopbop. I can't believe how much of a rip-off that is on ASOS!!!


  14. Where is that Snoodie thing from?! I love it! xxx

  15. These are such wonderful photos.

  16. you look pretty, love the outfit.
    When will the winner be annoounced?=)

  17. I love wrapping bracelets! Your watch is so cute! Oh and it takes me about 20 tries to maybe get a good jumping shot lol...

    Luvv, Leigh B

  18. hi :-) i finally found out how to comment on your posts (blogspot is new to me. haha)
    i just wanted to tell you that your blog is GREAT and i like reading it!
    you remind me a bit of blake lively, and thats a compliment!! :-)

    feel free to check out my blog, even though its new :-)


  19. Hi,

    I love your outfit. U look very cute in your schoodie :)

  20. i can't resist picking up myself a little cute something at those shops while i'm shopping for others- you can't beat the f21 and h&m accessories! cute blog, i'm a new follower! check mine out if you get a chance, i'm a mommy with a makeup problem...


  21. Hi dear!!!
    your blog is fantastic....i like it!!!
    I have a new post about the christmas' gifts...look it and tell me what do you think... ;)


  22. Nice 'schoodie'!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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