Too Many Boxes and a Winner

5 December 2011

That's one of the little somethings I picked up for myself yesterday. Yeah - when I was Christmas shopping for other people! I think I'm addicted to F21 accessories. They're too affordable, it's not good for me.

I wanted to include that picture because the actual picture of today is neither interesting nor pretty. Basically I'm swimming in boxes here! I've spent the last 4 hours trying to pack up my wardrobe and I'm not even close to finished. I did uncover not one but three lost MAC lipsticks, a Benefit lip gloss, several dollars worth of loose change and about a zillion hair pins in various pockets of my handbags though. Every cloud has a silver lining!


In other news today, we have a winner of the handbag giveaway. The lucky lady chosen using is Lauren Ashleigh! Congratulations Lauren, please send me an email with your postal address. Then I'll get the bag on it's way to you as soon as possible!

To all the other people who took the time to enter I'd like to say a big thank you! You guys are all so lovely, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and follow my blog. Your comments and support mean the world to me! The next giveaway will be coming up very soon so stay tuned, it might be your lucky day next.
Sadly I have to go clear about 2 tonnes of clothing off my bed now. I'm seriously starting to question why I shop so's a dark day. Wish me luck!



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  2. Hi Amelia,

    you just made my day by leaving a lovely comment on my blog, so I dashed right over to have a nosy at your blog. It's safe to say I have followed and will now make myself a cup of tea and endulge in a bit of reading this monday afternoon.

    Kelli Una @ House of Beautiful Idiots

  3. Love the necklace!!


  4. SO beautiful! I just found your blog and love it. xoxo

  5. Haha, best of luck packing up the wardrobe. I know how overwhelming it can be sometimes!

  6. haha, good luck! This is an addiction many can relate to ;)

  7. I know I have a weakness for F21 accessories too!

  8. I'm mega addicted to F21 accessories too!! that necklace is a beauty ;)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog :) I am following you back!


  9. I tell you what - F21 is going to be the death of me someday. Their stuff is so cheap, I just go crazy every time I shop there! It's bad.

  10. I love the necklace u got if looks so pretty :)

  11. The necklace is freakin gorgeous! wanting it

    Rianna xxxx

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  13. congratulations for the winner
    and good luck in finishing unpacking all boxes!
    i have just followed your blog too!

    style frontier

  14. I always shop for myself when I am trying to find presents for other people. I can't help it. :)

  15. Congrats Lauren Ashleigh!

  16. Packing is the worst!! Hope it goes by fast for you! I feel you on the shopping problem...hehe!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  17. 1st time here ... loving your blog.
    Yes, you are not the only one. I try to pass by F21 because everything is so affordable that is so easy to just add and add, then you walk out spending what you never thought.
    Hate packing, hope you are done soon.

  18. love your blog: it's sooooo cool!
    visit my blog and if it like u , we can follow each other!

  19. that necklace really is amaizng! love it!

  20. What a super cute necklace!
    I know what you mean about F21 jewelry ;D

    Packing can be so stressful. Being in college, I have to constantly move my stuff from my house to my friend's house which is close to the Uni. Of course, it is nothing as colossal as your packing!

  21. The necklace is fab :)

  22. YES!!! I love finding old stuff I forgot about! <3


  23. Yep, F21 accessories are just too affordable and nice-looking for their own good!

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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