Lust Haves: Mullberry's New Harriet Bags

23 December 2011

There's a new line of bags from Mulberry available from January 1st (of course Olivia Palermo already has one though, maybe she's trying to make people dislike her?!) The range is called Harriet and includes totes, clutches and wallets. The style of the range is in-keeping with a lot of mulberry's bags. Fairly simple, clean lines and quite timeless I think. A lot of the new ones look almost briefcase/satchel like. I'm actually not in love with all of them, they're a bit too plain for my taste. What do you think?

The dusty pinkish beige with the gold shoulder strap is my new lust have though! So clean and chic with the tiny accent of gold sparkle. I think it'd be the perfect pretty piece for a spring wardrobe, don't you?!

The one I want costs £350 but they go up to £3,500 (yeah, let me just get my card. I wish!!) for the khaki colored ostrich satchel. 

Go to to pick out your favorite or browse through the other gorgeous handbags. Look out for the Oversized Tillie bag in soft pink snakeskin (doesn't sound great I know, but it is). I'd settle for that one instead...


Photo courtesy of Harpar's Bazaar


  1. love all the different colors and prints

  2. my favorite one is the
    same one you picked out :D

    Melina ♥

  3. Those are all very pretty!

  4. Love Mulberry!!!

    Merry Xmas dear! xx

  5. Great bags!!!

    Happy Holidays

  6. obsessed with the leopard!

  7. I want the ostrich too!! I've been coveting a classic ostrich bag for the longest time.

    xo Stephanie
    honey & silk blog
    follow on twitter

  8. I love these! Mulberry is my favourite ever brand, proud that it's a British brand! xx

  9. I understand you so much! I want this sendra leather bag, but I know that right now it just another thing in my "wish list" :(

  10. Ooh I love the black one! Infact.. all my bags are black.. I really need to take more risks!hehe
    Loving your blog honey, just discovered it tonight :)


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